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投稿者 佐藤雅彦 日時 2003 年 3 月 20 日 01:35:23:

(回答先: 盗聴器がEU本部で発見されました。(AP) 投稿者 えっくす 日時 2003 年 3 月 20 日 01:29:43)



Phone bugs found at EU-HQ
March 19, 2003

TELEPHONE bugging systems have been found targeting a number of
delegations at EU headquarters, notably the French and the Germans, an
official said.

The illegal systems were found in the Council building, where meetings of
EU ministers and leaders are held. An EU summit is to be held tomorrow and
Friday, overshadowed by Iraq.

Intelligence services from the council and the countries concerned have
launched an investigation into the bugs, but "it is impossible at this
stage" to determine who planted them, said the official.

According to the French daily Le Figaro, Belgian police have identified
"Americans" as those responsible. But Belgian authorities said police had
not been involved in the case, and declined any further comment.

"The investigation has only just started and we know nothing yet about who
has benefited from this crime," said Dominique-Georges Marro, head of the
council's press service.

A spokesman for the US mission to the EU declined to comment on the report

"I don't have anything on it right now ... it's something which just came
to our attention," he said.

France and Germany have been in a fierce standoff over the looming war on
Iraq, notably with EU members Britain and Spain who support the US threat
of conflict.

Marro said the bugging systems were found "in recent days" during regular
inspections by security services. "Attempts had previously been made but
this is the first time that we have found a system already in place," he

"The investigation should determine how long it has been in place," he

"A small number of delegations" were targeted, including the French and
German, he said, declining to list any other countries involved.

The bugging system was apparently put in place via the council's
switchboard to monitor telephone lines to rooms used by delegations inside
the building.

EU political leaders and their civil servants meet in such rooms in the
sidelines of ministerial meetings and summits.

The French and German delegations declined immediately to comment on the

Agence France-Presse


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