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Conscripts shoot their own officers rather than fight イラク徴集兵、戦闘ではなく自分たちの将校を撃つ【タイムズ紙・英】
投稿者 21cent 日時 2003 年 3 月 23 日 16:56:29:

Conscripts shoot their own officers rather than fight

Iraq,March 22, 2003-The Times, London ザ・タイムズ、ロンドン-

From Tom Newton Dunn with 40 Commando near al-Faw, southern Iraq

IRAQI conscripts shot their own officers in the chest yesterday to avoid a
fruitless fight over the oil terminals at al-Faw. British soldiers from 40
Commando's Charlie Company found a bunker full of the dead officers, with
spent shells from an AK47 rifle around them.

Stuck between the US Seals and the Royal Marines, whom they did not want to
fight, and a regime that would kill them if they refused, it was the
conscripts' only way out.

In total, 40 Commando had collected more than 100 prisoners of war
yesterday from the few square miles of the al-Faw peninsula that they
controlled. Two of them were a general in the regular Iraqi Army and a
brigadier. They came out from the command bunker where they had been hiding after 40 Commando's Bravo Company fired two anti-tank missiles into it.
With them was a large sports holdall stuffed with money. They insisted that
they had been about to pay their troops, to the disbelief of their captors.


These were the men who had left their soldiers hungry, poorly armed and
almost destitute for weeks, judging by the state we had seen them in, while
appearing to keep the money for themselves.

It was only as dawn broke that the 900 Royal Marine commandos, who had
moved forward during the night, realised the pitiful shape of the enemy.
The first white flag was hoisted by three soldiers in a trench just outside
the complex's north gate, which had been surrounded by heavy machinegunners from Command Company.

They were taken prisoner by Corporal Fergus Gask, 26, who may have accepted
the first surrender of the war. "We started engaging their positions with
GPMGs (general purpose machineguns) when I noticed this white flag go up,"
he said. "I didn't know whether it was a trick or not, but I approached the
trench anyway, probably a pretty silly thing to do if I think about it.



"But as soon as I saw their faces I knew they were genuine. They actually
looked very relieved they didn't have to fight any more. And they became
very pleased to see us when they realised we weren't going to do them any
「しかし、彼らの顔を見るとすぐに、彼らが純粋なことを知りました。実際のところ 彼らはもうそれ以上戦う必要がなくてとても安心したように見えました。また、彼らは、私たちに出会って我々がいかなる害ももたらすつもりでないと悟って非常に喜びました。」

The dawn light appeared to have provoked an exodus.

Small groups of dishevelled Iraqis were standing up all around us with
their hands in the air, or with a dirty white T-shirt tied to a stick
waving above them. Every time you turned around, a new trickle of
silhouettes emerged from the horizon walking slowly towards us. One Marine
joked: "Oh no. They're surrendering at us from all sides."

汚い身なりのイラク人のいくつもの小集団は、空中に手をあげ、あるいは汚い白シャツが結び付けられた杖を頭上で揺らしながら 我々の周囲一面に立っていた。見回すごとに、新しいシルエッが 地平線からぽつぽつと現れ、 我々の方へゆっくり歩いてきた。1人の海兵隊は冗談を言った:
「オー、ノー、四方から 我々へ向かって降参してくるぞ。」

Each prisoner was thoroughly searched before he was accepted into captivity
in a procedure that the commandos had clearly practised many times. The
injured were quickly treated and a handful received almost immediate
helicopter evacuation from the oil terminal to HMS Ocean, where a temporary
hospital for PoWs has been set up.


As a new day began, so did the Marines' gradual expansion outwards into the
large expanse of waste ground that is still pockmarked with shell craters
from the Iran-Iraq War. To save them having to translate from Arabic maps,
40 Commando named the clear paths they had established or wanted to seize
with London street names: Downing Street, Abbey Road or Fulham Road.


40コマンドではまた、アラビアの地図をいちいち翻訳しなくてもすむよう、すでに奪取し確保した道路にはロンドンのストリートネーム、たとえば ダウニングストリート、アビーロードあるいはフルハムロード という名を付けて呼んでいる。

Engineers, meanwhile, began the work of shutting down the many oil pipeline

* This is a pooled dispatch for the British press


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