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ロシア情報では、「アメリカは報復に直面」とヒズボラが警告した模様。Re: ベネズエラがハマス、ヒズボラと関係してる!と、アメリカが非難してます(証拠はないようですが)
投稿者 木村愛二 日時 2003 年 4 月 23 日 21:35:59:

(回答先: ベネズエラがハマス、ヒズボラと関係してる!と、アメリカが非難してます(証拠はないようですが) 投稿者 ドメル将軍 日時 2003 年 4 月 23 日 21:09:17)





'US Faces Retaliation' - Hezbollah
22.04.2003 [14:44]

WASHINGTON -- The US-led war in Iraq will encourage Islamic militants to retaliate against the United States, the leader of the Lebanon-based Shiite Muslim militant group Hezbollah said Sunday.
"American policies in the region encourage this kind of retaliation, whether we agree with it or not," Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah told CBS television's 60 Minutes programme.
"I believe the continuation of American policy will make enemies of all Arabs and Muslims -
1,400,000000 Muslims around the world. Lots of groups will surface, not necessarily al-Qaeda. And they'll be impossible to bring to justice," he said.
He accused the United States of waging the war on Iraq to win its oil reserves and to impose Israeli domination over the region.
"The United States isn't seeking democracy in Iraq, it's after the oil. The US wants to impose its political will on Iraq and ... Israel's domination in the region," Nasrallah said.
"These objectives are not moral objectives...we say they are satanic objectives," he said.
Nasrallah also spoke out against the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, saying such methods contradict Islamic principles.
Hezbollah was set up by Iran, which also equipped the militia and remains its main financier, but the guerrilla group enjoys both political and logistical support from Syria and the pro-Syrian Lebanese government.

Источник: News24.com, South Africa

(39 коммент.)
автор ? guest в 22.04.2003 [15:59]

Well said Hizbollah, those Pentagon scumbags are the one to make a BIG Excuse like 9/11 so that they can wage war unjustly.

Tell us something NEW!
автор guest в 22.04.2003 [16:51]

The USA faces "retaliation" every day. It has become our way of life, we're used to it. Do they really think ANYTHING they do will alter US policies? The US is governed by IT'S Constitution not by Islamic principles or so-called "international law". Why is that so hard to understand for the rest of the world? OUR LAWS not THEIR LAWS.

I support you
автор Nick (UK) guest в 22.04.2003 [17:04]

Hizbollah are a highly disciplined, well funded and well motivated organisation. They only exist because the Israelis as usual displayed contempt for the local Arab populations in Lebanon after they invaded in 1982. And thus this Shi'ite organisation sprung up, aided by Iran mostly but with some support from Syria too. These brave fighters helped expel the Israeli fascists from Southern Lebanon in 2000 and are thus seen as heroes amongst most Lebanese. They also have the highest representation in the Lebanese parliament, so can be viewed as a legitimate force that continues to defy the Americans and the Zionists. Long live Hizbollah!

Hizbollah= The Real UN
автор . guest в 22.04.2003 [17:11]

They are the one brave enough to enforce the UN's law, while the UN organization itself is too scared with US and Israel oppression.

Hizbollah, the best on earth
автор Babak guest в 22.04.2003 [17:23]

The Hizbollah have built hospitals and schools for the Lebanese. They were the only ones who were able to make the racist Israelis retreat on a large scale. They are not terrorists as the war-mongering American news falsely claims, they are knights of justice. Peace be upon them.

re:Tell us something NEW!
автор guest в 22.04.2003 [17:38]

Nothing major has happened since Sept. 11. Yet you say the US faces "retaliation" every day, and it has become a way of life. What sort of thinking makes you say that, where have you gotten this notion? You see and hear constant warnings of terrorism, repeated daily... so where's the terrorism? Wake up, you're being manipulated by your government and media.

автор G guest в 22.04.2003 [17:43]

"These objectives are not moral objectives...we say they are satanic objectives," he said. ................... Yeah, and their terroristic objectives are angelic.

re:Tell us something NEW!
автор guest в 22.04.2003 [17:47]

It has become our way of life, we're used to it. Sic! The americans aren't used to ANYTHING at all! They inflict a daily dose of damage to a host of countries, but they are still asleep...Even 9-11 hasn't broken the television induced dream spell the country seems to suffer. Oh, and the country is not ruled by its consitution, its is ruled by corporate america and you assholes buy that and call it "the American Way"...dream on...

O.K., you're right.
автор guest в 22.04.2003 [17:57]

We're assholes, bring it on. Let's see what else the assholes can do.

re: tell us something new
автор guest в 22.04.2003 [19:05]

The arrogance of most of you Americans really is repulsive. YOUR laws not THEIR laws? Inform yourself! "So-called international law" overrides domestic law once the US have signed it! Now THAT happens to be US-law. Only the Bush-junta has made you forget that. Inform yourself... any library may help you out on this one - but you're probably scared to go to a library because under PATRIOT Act then you will be spied upon...

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