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Anomalies in new 9/11 footage

by Simon Aronowitz

simon at thoughtcrimenews dot com

7th September 2003

New footage of the WTC planes has been released. Apparently the man who made the video didn't realise what he had.
The New York Times has released a redacted version of the footage, but one of the frames is very intriguing.
http://www.nytimes.com/packages/html/nyregion/20030907_911_VIDEO/ (←登録が必要です)

I don't even know what to make of the white flash in the middle, but can you see something on the bottom of the plane body that shouldn't be there? I have added an arrow pointing to the object in question.

The NY Times is touting this footage as the only other film in existence which has the first plane, besides the work of the Naudet brothers who were making a film about New York's firefighters.

Here are the shots NYT provided of the first plane. The arrow in the second shot is the work of the NY Times:

Maybe it's just me, but looking at these pictures and the shots from the Naudet footage, the first plane looks too small to be a Boeing 767:

Naudet footage

There is a hypothesis about these two airborne weapons of destruction. Check out `The Incredible 9-11 Evidence We've All Been Overlooking'.

Update - Monday 8th September 2003

I have received several emails from readers about the pictures posted yesterday.

Here are some extracts:

"When looking at the pictures Mr Spencer's argument sounds convincing,however what concerns me is this. If Mr Spencer is correct then what happened to the boeing 767's and their passengers. Unles I went dyslexic and missed a part of the article Mr Spencer did not offer any plausible theories as to where these planes and their passengeers went to.


"I processed the image of the plane that looks like it has an anomolous attachment to the fuselage. The first image is an enlargement and uses sharpening filters. The second rendition is stripped of color with enhanced sharpness and contrast/brightness.

Something is definitely there that was not built by the manufacturer.


"I agree with your assessment of the new film.? But...?

Where did the real planes go?? And the people on them?? What about the cell phone calls from the passengers??

Thanks.? Great job.


One reader offered the following analysis of the new pictures:

"i dont know if you guys created these fakes or you are getting duped by someone.

contrast one of the new pix with one of my original screen captures from 'the day'

two things jump right out at me.

1) building is already blackened in the new one and pristine in original

2) flying angle of the aircraft is altogether different, more steep turn and more pointed downward in the new


My response:

"Thanks for your email.

No, I didn't do anything to these pictures. They are from the NY Times, as the story on my site clearly indicates. If you check out the link to the NY Times you will see that they are from the new footage that has been `discovered'.

All I did was take screen grabs from the Shockwave presentation and post them, adding the big black arrow. That's it.

If you think it's fake, address your anger to the New York Times.

What I will say is that the shot of the second plane appears to be taken from a different angle to the picture you sent me.

As for the building being blackened, I can't see it. It looks like the shot has been blown up from VHS camera footage whereas the coverage on the day would have been broadcast quality.

If you think I've still missed something, please let me know."

W replied:

"here is the pic i am referring to with the "blackened area" circled and a big arrow pointint to it. this is quick ugly work. heh
for the record, there is no anger directed at you.
i have my opinions on who did what to who that day and i dont think it was 19 arabs.
i also dont think anyone in the "arab terrorist" world was capable of grounding our air force for nearly 60 minutes that day and the lack of response by them is the worst part of it all.
as for their claims that no-body knew what was going on....
on "der tag" (the day) i lived just south of the entrance to Cheyenne Mountain (NORAD) and passed by on my way to work just as the radio news was reporting the second aircraft attack.
i have no photos and no way to prove it to anyone but the entrance was already "sealed" with hum-vees and at least a squad of light infantry.
somebody knew SOMETHING was going on pretty damn early in the game.

No way to prove it one way or another though.
I didnt even really THINK about it for several weeks.
Like everyone else, I was in shock and buying everything we were being told for quite a long time.


Personally I think that the blackened area is simply an old building in front of the WTC, and I seem to recall having some photos of the damage done to it, taken while I was in Manhattan last year.

One reader offered the following explanation for the white flash:

"I have a few thoughts about that photo. 1. The bright spot you see inthe photo is a reflection of a (infrared targeting laser). The camera
that was used to take that photo is most likely sensitive to infrared radiation. Judging by the size of the beams (spot) I would quess the
laser was stationed about 5 or 7 miles away from the WTC.
The object on the underside of the plane maybe a combination missile pod/ guidance system.
I've worked with lasers for over 25 years. The word LASER is and acronymfor L.ight, A.mplification, by S.timulated, E.mission of R.adiation.
That picture is even more damming to the elite then you can now imagine.
But not for long.... just watch!

For reference, here is a picture of a normal Boeing 767, with thanks to UnderReported.com. ( http://www.underreported.com/ )

Picture from FlightPix.com ( http://www.flightpix.com/pix/bw.html )

In response to the common theme of what happened to the planes, readers may want to digest Professor Kee Dewdney's hypothesis `Operation Pearl'.( http://www.physics911.org/911/index.php/docs/2 )
More analysis of the `War on Terrorism', 9/11, current events and the mass media available on the main page.

? Copyright 2003 http://www.thoughtcrimenews.com


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