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Garaudy Exposes 'Western Terrorism' In New Book/after being rebuffed by all French houses/islamonline/PARIS, June 24

Garaudy Exposes 'Western Terrorism' In New Book

CIA worked in cahoots with Islamic hardliners to mislead the world and shift the attention away from its 5-decade crimes record, charged Garaudy
By Hadi Yahmid, IOL France Correspondent
PARIS, June 24 (IslamOnline.net) - In his new book Le Terrorismo Occidental (Western Terrorism) which hit the market Monday, June 23, famed French Muslim writer and intellectual Roger Garaudy traces down the roots of terrorism, culturally, politically and socially.
The book, published by an Algerian publishing house after being rebuffed by all French houses fearing backslash from the Jewish lobby, starts 3000 years back an reaches to the modern U.S. civilization, which spearheads the so-called anti-terror campaign to strike hard its enemies, Garaudy told IslamOnline.net Tuesday, June 24.
He added that the second part of the book will come to light soon entitled "Islam and Modernity."
It will highlight harmony between Islam and Western modernity and spotlight Islam prominence and how that "Islamic extremism" is a disease that is soon to fades away, asserted the French intellectual.
Asked whether "The Western Terrorism" came in response to the 9/11 attacks on Washington and New York, Garaudy said the introduction of the book indicates that he started writing this book before the September 11 attacks, which came to support his hypothesis.
The twin towers and the Pentagon were well-chosen targets to paper over 50 years of U.S. hegemony, during which the CIA worked in cahoots with Islamic hardliners to mislead the world and shift the attention away from its 5-decade crimes record, he charged.
It is not easy to forget the horrors of the Nazi, the bombardment of Nagasaki and Hiroshima with atomic bombs, stressed Garaudy, adding that by the same token it would not be easy to forget the U.S. crimes in Vietnam, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Iraq.
The 9/11 attacks and a woven U.S. scenario for holding al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden responsible serve best the plots of the CIA and U.S. military to depict "Islamic terrorism" as the new enemy, he said.
The United Stets exploited this to wage wars on Afghanistan and Iraq allegedly to establish democracy while the real reason is laying hands on gas in central Asia and Iraqi oilfields, charged the French intellectual.
He noted that the U.S. succeeded in building a so-called anti-terror coalition and that several countries believed this big lie which was woven by the CIA.
Military Lobby
Garaudy further said that the U.S. foreign policy is now set up by the military industrialized lobby, noting that the U.S. was turning the heat on Iran and North Korea.
On the recent students' anti-regime rallies in Iran, Garaudy regretted that Iranian students have chosen to take to the streets when their country was facing a stormy imperialistic campaign, while everybody aware that the U.S.-styled democracy is led by cash and the military industrialized lobby.
Regarding the latest developments in the occupied Palestinian territories, he stressed that he has chosen to fight Zionism by word, citing as an example his book Les Mythes Fondateurs de La Politique Israelienne (the Founding Myths of the Israeli Policy), which put on him on trial for anti-Semitism.
However, he said that relevant U.N. resolutions could settle the Palestinian-israeli conflict, although Israel has breached 215 resolutions to date.
For her part, Isabell Peyre, Garaudy's lawyer, said he was still suffering from the hype caused by that book, noting that the French media has been boycotting him since 1995.

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