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Re: 【元MK工作員の告白より抜粋】 現代的陰謀論の基礎としての「アーリア主義」と「エイリアン問題」
投稿者 パリサイサタン 日時 2003 年 11 月 24 日 21:42:40:Mmj0IXXmczzbk

(回答先: 【元MK工作員の告白より抜粋】 現代的陰謀論の基礎としての「アーリア主義」と「エイリアン問題」 投稿者 パリサイサタン 日時 2003 年 11 月 24 日 21:40:13)


And what do you know of what they are planning to do in terms of implementing their global domination schemes?



One of the things they were planning on doing was having UFO invasions. I don't know if they are going to pull that one off or not. They were planning on getting people so afraid of a race from another planet coming and having authority here and terrorizing us, that we would just fall apart and "please don't hurt us, we will do whatever you say" ... These people who pushing that scam, and Henry Kissinger is one, in fact I have some documentation where he actually said one time at a global conference that what we need is a UFO invasion ...


The other thing they were trying to work was to get a lot of pastors to push to Christian communities and congregations that we are in "the last days or the beginning of the tribulation" in the Book of Revelation. They talk about AIDS having been a deliberately created epidemic because it fit one of the plagues in the Book of Revelation, and what they have been trying to do is use the Book of Revelation as a blueprint to convince people that we are in the last days. It seems to be working rather well. I consider it Psiwar, in which Michael Aquino used to be pretty involved in. They seem to be just messing with people's heads a lot right now. All these movies about disasters ... that really does a number on people too.


They were planning on doing what they call "Takeover" which was implementation of a New World Government by the year 2000, but I really don't see how they are going to do it. They talk also about having a President assassinated so that FEMA could take over and then they could just have total shutdown in the U.S. of a lot of the basic services. If that happens, I might as well kiss my butt goodbye.


I don't expect I will be at my house much longer at that point, willingly. The way I look at it is, if somebody were told they had so long to live, it makes every day so precious to me now. And wouldn't it be a wonderful thing for me to find out they don't get away with it? That it doesn't happen, and I could have a long life of freedom. I would be so excited. I also try to be practical about this, and when I see what they are doing ... in front of everybody's faces, through legislation and all, I am not so sure they aren't going to do it ...



So "they", being the people involved in these organizations that are bringing this about, and it's your sense that these people are well placed within society ...



I know there has been a lot of talk back and forth about the Bilderbergers, they are, as far as I know, the top people heading this up. The absolute top of the top. I was not real surprised at all to see Sam Nunn go to the meeting last time. Henry Kissinger usually goes. That's the main group that is masterminding this. Again, I have to give them credit where credit is due, they are smart people, but very sick at the same time.



They are certainly putting their mental abilities to the wrong purposes in terms of the public good.



As I have learned about a lot of these people's childhoods, I have begun to understand that it seems like a lot of the rage they are using to pretty much force that government into existence, may be towards some of their parents, towards authority figures. It's really sad to see that because I think a lot of them need rehabilitation themselves. It's like my dad, with his underground black marketing of children, it's like a cult.


If you know secrets, and the other people know secrets, you are all involved, and the other people can blackmail you if you tell. A lot of these people, because they are high profile, will never be able to talk about this stuff without dying. They know it. Or losing their loved ones, if they are able to love at all. What happens is that after a while it wears you down and you get to where your loyalty ends up being to these other people who are part of the same effort, and associating mainly with each other. That is, in a way, a cult mentality on the top level.



Do you have a sense that people are working within government and military to put a wrench in their plans?



Absolutely. There are a lot of people who are trying in careful ways to get some of this exposed to help some survivors get free. It did happen to me but I can't go into the details of it. I am still trying to get more understanding about it myself. There are some pretty neat people out there. Some of them are literally risking their lives because they see what is happening. They want to live in a country where basic freedoms are respected. I have a book that shows the Bill of Rights, and it means a lot to me because when I found out that I literally was a slave ... Article 13 in the Bill of Rights ... it was in direct violation of that. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are important things that are not taught in school very much anymore.



What is your sense of how mind control and mind control slavery in these organizations that want to bring about the New World Order?



There are a lot of actors and actresses in Hollywood who are MK victims. I met quite a few. I tend to see them promoting the same world view as these high level conspirators ... and conspiracy is a natural ongoing part of history. To me this is conspiracy realism. Because a lot of people look up to Hollywood stars as role models, they tend to have a lot of influence on people.


The people who were planning this were not so concerned about the older people. They talked a lot about targeting the youth. Ted Turner's "Captain Planet" cartoon ... some people say it's a good thing because it tells kids to clean up the environment, but it also heavily pushes a New World way of thinking. He's another one of the few honest people out there. He admits that it is part of his personal agenda. I am seeing a lot of signs here that are leading into it step by step.

これを計画していた人々は、年上の人々についてはそれほど関心がありませんでした。彼らは若者を目標とすることについてよく話しました。テッド・ターナーの「Captain Planet」という漫画・・・いくらかの人々は、子供たちに環境をきれいにするように命じるので、あれは良いものであると言います。しかし、あれも「新しい世界」の思考法を強く薦めています。彼は意図を表に出すので、あのごく少数の正直な人々のもう一人です。彼は、それが自分の個人的な議事日程の一部であると認めています。私は、新世界秩序へ一歩一歩導いている、多くのサインをあの漫画に見ています。


Let's just go back to something you mentioned about the alien part in terms of mind control and the New World Order implementation plan. How do you think this is tied to the phenomenon of the growth of allegations of being abducted by aliens? Do you feel people are being experimented on by the government instead of aliens?



Absolutely. I realize that there are some MK survivors who will strongly disagree with me and I am not trying to get into an argument with any of them, I am just going by what I have experienced and remembered, and by what others have experienced and remembered. A lot of us were hypnotized and otherwise tricked into believing that we had been abducted by aliens, when actually it was government connected handlers who were using us for illegal activities.


One thing the Nazis were working on very hard was geneticexperimentation on some of their prisoners in the concentration camps, although our government has tried to suppress the documentation. And they were into breeding their own. My dad used to brag about how they were doing genetic experiments on embryos that were creating what they called "children". These children are, I personally believe, aliens ... little ones that people have seen. I met several at a NASA facility.


One was an older child, I guess I would call it. He was able to speak two languages. He was able to speak English and what they called a "trilateral language". He used a lot of buzzes and clicks and symbolic hand signals. He also had a lot of Theta abilities. It was amazing. He had been programmed as I understand some of the others had that were genetically experimented on - to believe that they are aliens.


But he seemed to understand that it was not real, that he was human. And my concern about this most of all ... I am more concerned about them than anyone else ... if that information is ever made available to take it seriously, they will be killed and their remains put away where no one will ever find it. Because if it's true, it is one of the biggest crimes that an agency of our country has ever perpetrated against another human.

しかし、彼はそれが本当ではなく自分は人間であると理解しているように見えました。そして、このことに関する私の懸念はほとんどのところ・・・私は他の誰よりも彼らついて心配しているのです・・・ もしその情報がいつか真剣にとりあげられるほどに利用可能にされたら、彼らは殺されその遺体は誰もいつまでも発見できないところへ片付けられてしまうでしょう。なぜなら、もしそのことが本当なら、それは私たちの国の一つの政府機関が、もう一つの人類に対してかつて犯した最大の犯罪の一つだからです。

What I understand is that with all the UFO movies lately, and so many TV shows about it in the last few years ... it is preparing people's minds to believe that aliens are real, that they really do exist, that they really are trying to contact us. I can't help but wonder if some of these human "aliens" will be used down the road as some kind of proof to people.



So these people, you believe, have been genetically altered through genetic engineering to look like aliens, or what the public has been conditioned to view as an alien ...



I met several breeders of these people. One of the things that I noticed with some of these breeders ... one woman's husband worked for NASA. She was in hospital in Dallas. She was made to believe that she had two hearts in her body. It was really confusing the heck out of her psychiatrist. There were some things that she said and this was before I knew her husband worked for NASA, because she wasn't telling anyone anything about that.


There were some things that she said, and I looked at her one day, and I said "are you a breeder?" And she looked at me, and said, "yeah" and I asked her if she had NASA connections, and she looked at me in shock and said "my husband works for NASA". I went to her psychiatrist and explained the situation because she had a lot of the physical - especially facial characteristics - of these "aliens".


There was another woman I met back in 1988 in a reprogramming facility who also was a breeder, and she had a problem because she would see UFO's coming at her sometimes in the room - she had something that many of these breeders had, a "birdnest" haircut, where it was shaved part of the way around and the rest looked like what they called a "birdnest". That was one of the ways you used to be able to identify some of them.


These seemed to be generational experiments, genetically, and specifically done for that purpose. Take it or leave it. I tell everyone, one of these days, if it's true then the whole world is going to know it, but it may be a long time.



Do you have any indication of U.S. government or German government use of UFO technology ... that they have developed craft ...



I was exposed to some of that. I saw at least one UFO for sure. It was in a garage, a large room where there was a door where the thing could go out into the open. It wasn't touching the ground. It was an amazing thing. It had a fantastic looking metal to it ... I was absolutely fascinated by it. I have been told that they started out by using these craft, which they said were created by the some of the German scientists.


They will talk about V2's on Discovery channel, but they will never ever bring up this end of it ... what they had as far as technology and brought it over with them. I think NASA is the biggest cover for this stuff. I understand that there is a base in the Himalayas as well, and that there are some facilities under oceans where some of the stuff is also stored way way out of detection areas. They do seem to be able to go down in deep, deep areas of water including one place near Hawaii. But they supposedly started out, or so I have been told by a number of people, using magnetic grids they called it, I don't understand that kind of technology ...



The earth itself has a large electromagnetic grid field around it, and it is my understanding that they have used that kind of energy somehow in conjunction with creating these craft ...



You say it better than I could ... all I know is they talked about it and again, Dad bragged about that too. I have also heard that nowadays they don't use that particular kind of technology any more.



You mentioned that it is your belief that a number of Hollywood personalities are under the influence of mind control and they are being used. Can you give some examples of some of the belief systems that they are pushing?



The biggest one I have seen is that we should put the earth, mother nature, whatever, animals higher in accordance with our selves. To me that is an absolutely devastating thing to be teaching children because it totally brings down their sense of self esteem and self worth, of defending their own belief systems and their right to think for themselves. This is very strong right now.



That's what I am most worried about, because the kids are being taught that an animal's life is worth more than their own ...



Certainly all life is precious, including animal life, but what you are saying is that this information is being used more to change the mass psychology of the public ... playing into the implementation of a New World Order ...



What it's going to boil down to is that if they are able to continue that personal loyalties and personal freedoms must be given up for Mother Earth ... that's what they are pushing most. One of the other goddesses that a lot of people worship in the Golden Dawn is Gaia ... and they talked about this in the planning meetings ... that they are going to be pushing this more and more ... Gaia worship, literal worship. Mother Earth is a very strong psychological force and symbol.

それが煮詰まってできるものは(要約すれば)、もし彼らがその個人的な忠誠を続けることができれば、個人の自由は「母なる地球」のために放棄されなければならないということです・・・それが、彼らが最も促進していることなのです。Golden Dawnで多くの人々が礼拝している他の女神たちの一つは、「Gaia(ガイア)」です・・・彼らは計画会議でこれについて話をしました・・・彼らはこれをますます促進していくだろうと・・・ガイア崇拝、文字どおりの崇拝を。母なる地球はとても強い心理学的力であり象徴なのです。

By making things more and more difficult financially for young families in particular to where those who might have to work two jobs, and the woman has to work ... the kids end up in daycare. What this does is make the kids less able to identify with their parents, and look more for role models and nurturing outside of their home. One of the things that some of these conspirators were hoping to accomplish by that is Gaia worship, by having these kids feel a need for a larger than life goddess or force or identity that would be a nurturing substantive force to them.


The reason I have learned they are into the sun so much is because I have learned from therapists that feeling the warmth of the sun, laying out in it and stuff, is the closest form of physical and emotional nurturing to maternal nurturing. I was really fascinated when I heard that. There is some psychological stuff going on here that is quite powerful. I try to stay emotionally detached from a lot of this so I can look at it and learn about what is going on now and see where it's heading without freaking out, because that does me no good, it does no one else any good. They are slick, these people are really slick.


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