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投稿者 white 日時 2004 年 7 月 23 日 17:00:36:QYBiAyr6jr5Ac



記事の内容を簡単に紹介すると,ここ数日の出来事としてイラクのレジスタンスが 激しい戦闘が続いていると言われているal-Anbar州のal-Hadbahという町にあるアメリカ軍の基地に対して毒ガスを搭載したミサイル,またはロケット弾を打ち込んだとのこと。



 投稿者 戦争屋は嫌いだ 日時 2004 年 4 月 07 日 22:58:26


Did the Resistance use poison gas in massive attack on US base?

At 8:25pm Mecca time Tuesday evening, Mafkarat al-Islam posted the following report on the Resistance attack upon the US occupation base at al-Hadbah, the main American aggressor base west of Baghdad.

The Mafkarat al-Islam website wrote:

Five days ago the Iraqi Resistance carried out a large and precise operation against the biggest American base in al-Anbar Province in the Sunni Triangle, a base known as al-Hadbah [メthe Hillモ], which is the main, mother base in that area.

Local police statements in al-Khalidiyah, west of Baghdad, reported a large number of dead American consultants and engineers in the base.ハ We [Mafkarat al-Islam] dispatched four of our correspondents in al-Anbar Province to the area to learn the truth about the matter.ハ Areas adjacent to the base were visited and the team concluded from its investigation that at 6:00am on Saturday the American base had come under a ferocious rocket attack in which four powerful Grad missiles were fired from ヤAmiriyat BuヤIsa north of al-Habbaniyah lake into the US base.ハ The Resistance launched the missiles from mobile launchers that took up positions in the area at dawn. The residents of al-Khalidiyah heard the loud and powerful noises of the missiles.

It is apparent, the Mafkarat al-Islam writers reported, that along with those rockets a number of other missiles were launched from another location that they were unable to ascertain. Some Iraqi security service personnel in al-Khalidiyah believe that these other rockets contained a chemical gas because they produced a green cloud over the American base, according to some Iraqis who work in the compound, but who were prevented from entering for a full day after the attack. The rocket attacks totally destroyed 65 small wooden housing units in which a massive contingent of engineers and consultants lived personnel charged with running the war in al-Anbar Province.

One senior member of the Iraqi security service in al-Khalidiyah said that the number of American dead as a result of the attack totaled 82 as of Sunday afternoon and that most of them had died of gas-induced asphyxiation during their sleep. According to this source, the actual total number of dead remains unknown because of the tight lid of secrecy that the US authorities have clamped down on the incident.

Eyewitnesses in al-Khalidiyah told Mafkarat al-Islamユs correspondents that they awoke to the sound of violent explosions shaking the American base Not long afterwards they observed a green cloud rising over the compound. Big two-rotor Chinook medical helicopters ferried the dead and wounded out of the base in a series of flights that began at 6:30 and only ended two hours later at 8:30am Saturday the helicopters coming and going in pairs.

The Grad missile, as is known, strikes with a force more than 18 times that of an ordinary rocket. One such rocket killed 37 people in a single house in al-Fallujah. Another killed 22 persons in another attack in al-Fallujah. The Grad is six meters long, as compared with an ordinary rocket whose length is only one meter. The Grad is also two-and-a-half times wider than the ordinary rocket.

It has been reported earlier that the Iraqi Resistance employed tactical chemical weapons in an attack on a US base in ar-Ramadi, killing more than 150 American troops. Sky News reported that incident saying that the 130 were killed in intense fighting, but in fact that report was incorrect as to the death toll and the nature of the fighting. Mafkarat al-Islam at the time made no reference to the correct figures when it reported that incident because it was more interested in conveying reports from the enemy media than from supporters of the Resistance.

The Resistance also used this weapon, Mafkarat al-Islam noted, in its attack on the American base in Mosul, the scene of which was filmed by a correspondent of a well-known Arab satellite TV company who was then arrested and only recently released.

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