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AIDS - Man-Made Holocaust
投稿者 誰がために金は成る 日時 2004 年 3 月 24 日 18:49:44:y4wu3UhuAaXnY

AIDS - Man-Made Holocaust

The fact that AIDS is a man-made virus created in U.S.
laboratories has been covered up


"America should withdraw from the Mediterranean, Europe and all
foreign bases and it should save that money to create jobs for 12
million unemployed Americans, and contribute towards the
elimination of the diseases it manufactured like AIDS which was
produced by the CIA at its laboratories and tested on American
prisoners who took the virus with them to the outside world when
released from prison and then it spread throughout the world."
- Muammar Al-Qadhafi speaking at the International Conference for
Peace in the Mediterranean, 4-6 May, 1990.

On July 4, 1984, the Indian daily Patriot published a
horrifying report that the disease AIDS was believed to
have originated from a virus created in the laboratories
at the U.S. germ warfare research institute at Fort
Detrick, Maryland. The editor explained that the
information had come from a well-known American scientist
and anthropologist who expressed the fear that India might
face a danger from the disease in the near future. The
American had to remain anonymous. He was obviously in
danger for having disclosed so deadly a secret. At that
time, when the full horror of the incurable disease was
not known Patriot reported that the World Health
Organisation believed AIDS posed the gravest threat to the
entire population of the world. More on the World Health
Organisation later. The British Sunday Express, 26
October, 1986, with banner headlines, and an "exclusive"
label, announced "AIDS made in lab. shock." The front-page
story said that the virus was created during laboratory
experiments which "went disastrously wrong." It added that
a massive cover-up had kept the secret from the world. The
Sunday Express quoted a British expert, Dr. John Seale,
who first reported his conclusion that the virus was
man-made last August, 1986, in the Royal Society of
Medicine Journal. He said that his report was met with a
"deadly silence" from the medical profession, and that
made him very suspicious. The editor of the Journal
agreed, according to Dr. Seale, that "it sounded like a
conspiracy of silence." The second expert quoted by the
Sunday Express, was Prof. Jacob Segal, retired Director of
the Institute of Biology in Berlin. It said, "our
investigators have revealed that two U.S. Embassy
officials made a two-hour visit to Prof. Segal at his home
two weeks ago questioning him about what he knows, what he
thinks, where he got his information, and what he intends
doing with his report." The Professor told the reporters,
"one said he was a historian, and the other said he was a
political consul. But I am positive they were from the
CIA, and that they were deeply concerned that the cover-up
over the origin of AIDS was going to be exposed." I told
them I had known that in the mid-70s experiments were
being carried out at Fort Detrick, where the U.S. Army
Medical Research Command has its headquarters, on
volunteer long-term prisoners who were promised their
freedom after the tests. Almost certainly the scientists
were unaware of the extent of their terrible creation -
the AIDS virus.

WHO Involvement?

The third expert quoted in the Sunday Express was Dr.
Robert Strecker, an internist and gastroentarologist from
Glendale, California, who stated "it must have been
genetically engineered." Strecker believes, after years of
exhaustive research, that the AIDS virus is indeed
man-made. Strecker has alleged that AIDS was engineered at
the request of the World Health Organisation and other
scientific groups who, according to Strecker, injected the
disease during preventative vaccines. WHO, he says, along
with the International Agency for Research on Cancer and
The National Institute on Health, requested the production
of a virus that would attack the immune system's T-cells.
AIDS, he says, is a hybrid of two animal viruses - bovine
leukemia (found in cattle) and a sheep brain virus called
visna. This new virus was given as vaccinations in Haiti,
Brazil, Africa and the Caribbean by WHO in a 13-year
campaign against smallpox in Third World nations, reports
indicate. Strecker, in his 97-minute videotape, "The
Strecker Memorandum," cites specific documentation
supporting theories that AIDS is a result of that direct
request. For example, from Volume 47 of Bulletin of the
World Health Organisation (1972), page 259: "The effects
of virus infection of different cell types (e.g.,
Macrophages, T and B lymphocytes) should be studied in
greater detail with morphological changes perhaps serving
as an indication of functional alteration..." "The
possibility should also be looked into that the immune
response to the virus may itself be impaired if the
infecting virus damages more or less selectively the cells
responding to the viral antigens..." In fact, a May 11,
1987 frontpage article in the London Times, headlined
"Smallpox Vaccine Triggered AIDS Virus," said WHO was
investigating new evidence suggesting that "immunization
from the smallpox vaccine Vaccinia awakened the
unsuspected, dormant human immuno defense virus infection
(HIV)." Vaccinia was the actual vaccine given as smallpox
deterrents during the WHO project. Were the AIDS
infections intentional, accidental or coincidence?
According to Strecker in his "Memorandum," a key part of
the actual study "was to be the time relationship between
infection and antigen administration," which suggests WHO
officials - and other agencies who were directly dependent
on the United States government for research grants - had
to have known. The denials were not long in coming. But
the British Sunday Telegraph exposed itself. It said the
story (the Sunday Express article) was invented by the
Russians "to smear the Americans," and recalled that it
had appeared in the Soviet journal, Literary Gazette. It
said this paper based its report on the Patriot - and that
the Patriot report did not exist! Professor Segal
describes as "ludicrous and scientifically incredible" the
theory that the virus came from African green monkeys. One
thing is certain: the controversy surrounding the AIDS
virus will not die.

A Weapon Against Black People?

Zear Miles, a Black industrial engineer, who has studied
the AIDS virus and its origins for about six years has
stated that he has proof from various documentation and
letters from other AIDS researchers to prove that the
virus was made in an American military lab as a means to
suppress Blacks. In his document entitled "Rape Africa",
Miles researched the origin of the AIDS virus from 1952,
when the federal government had enough blood types and
characteristics of every nationality in the world up to
the King Alfred plan which called for the extinction of
Blacks in national security emergencies. Miles learned
that through National Security Council Memorandum 46,
dated 1978, which called for a possible way to gauge and
control the impact of the growing Black movement, the
government was researching possible ways to suppress Black
hostility toward the authorities. Later called the King
Alfred plan, the scheme called for the extinction of
Blacks by the year 2000 with an AIDS-like virus. Miles
said he also gauged the increasing number of AIDS cases in
which the number of Black contractors have gone up
significantly compared with Whites, citing that the AIDS
virus attacked a Black person's immune system and
destroyed it in six weeks as opposed to a White person's
time of six months.

The Evidence

What is the evidence available to the layman. First, the
initial cases were reported in New York and there is no
dispute that Fort Detrick was working on immunological
defence against infection. The British Guardian reported
on October 27, 1986, that in 1969 evidence was given to a
Washington Appropriation Committee that "within the next
five or ten years it would probably be possible to make a
new infective micro-organism which would differ from any
known disease causing organism. Most important, that it
might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic
properties on which we depend to maintain our relative
freedom from infectious disease." "Refractory" means,
according to the Oxford Dictionary, "not yielding to
treatment." AIDS answers precisely to that description.
On September 24, 1986, the Daily Telegraph reported from
Washington, "Enough of a debilitating virus to infect the
whole world, disappeared from an American germwarfare
laboratory five years ago, and has never been traced, an
environment group claimed yesterday in a Washington Court
action aimed at halting biological weapons research." In
1968, the J.D. Bernal Peace Library organised a conference
on the dangers of biological warfare research. Ritchie
Calder said then that among the weapons being stockpiled
were some designed to bring about genetic changes. He said
the "doomsday bug was under wraps" and that there was a
conspiracy of silence about germ weapons because the
implications were so frightening." He told the British
Daily Mirror after his address that "somewhere in the
world a germ is being cultured to which we would have no
natural resistance and to which there would be no sure
defence." A precise description of AIDS. The British
Observer, on June 30, 1968, quoted from an article in the
Journal of General Microbiology by W.D. Lawton of Fort
Detrick, and R.C. Morris and T.W. Burrows of the British
microbiological research station at Porton. One paragraph
said, "By engineering the genetics of individual strains,
microbiologists aim to produce a single strain containing
the most deadly combination of properties." Again, a
description of AIDS. The article says that at that time
Porton, according to the government, was concerned only
with defence applications of research, but Fort Detrick
was only committed to developing microbiological weapons
for offence. The Japanese carried out germ warfare
research in occupied China during the war. Some of these
criminals were captured by the Soviets and duly tried and
sentenced. Others were given immunity by the Americans and
taken to work at Fort Detrick. In 1969, after the AIDS
virus was loose, negotiations began on a Convention
banning biological weapons, and it came into force in
1972. In its first review conference in 1980, it was
reported that 80 countries had ratified. But there is no
provision in the Convention to ban research or for
verification. Nichola Sims, who has written a book on
biological disarmament, wrote recently, "the failure of
the Convention to impose any restrictions even on
'offensive' biological warfare research, has been
frequently criticised." And she refers to popular fears
that a "super germ breakthrough in the means of waging
biological or toxin warfare is just around the corner and
may induce the possessor of such a germ to break out of
the Convention." She quotes Dr. Robert K. Mikulak of the
U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency for the statement
that "there is no justification for classified military
research on the question in any country." But so far there
is no inspection or verification. A much more recent
accusation against the United States for the manufacturing
of the AIDS virus comes from the Libyan UN Ambassador, Mr.
Ali Ahmed Elhouderi. On January 9, 1992, at a press
conference, he stated that the AIDS virus was produced in
a laboratory probably as a weapon. He said, "We think it
is man-made and it was done in laboratories. And it was
not, as suggested, coming from monkeys in Africa." He also
suggested that the virus had been manufactured at the time
of the Vietnam War. These statements fit perfectly into
place as research would have been carried out at that time
at Fort Detrick for offensive purposes against the North

AIDS Was Man-Made

On all the circumstantial evidence, the layman will almost
certainly reject the idea that the escape of the man-made
AIDS virus was the result of a disastrous error during
innocent civilian research. We can assuredly conclude that
it was the result of germ warfare research, and the finger
of guilt points to the United States. The scientists
could not have visualised that they would let loose a
so-far incurable disease that may and possibly will wipe
out millions, particularly in the Third World, where the
majority of the world's population lives. Never was the
need greater for the nations to drop their differences and
to concentrate all their skill and resources in a
world-wide battle against this terrible threat, and to end
the horror of germ warfare research.**


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