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担当記者:ブッシュは以前からの「発作」に悩まされている [Rense.com]
投稿者 ファントムランチ 日時 2004 年 4 月 29 日 00:42:49:oswAM6lqBSCW6



■Report - Bush Suffered A Past 'Seizure'

By Henry Makow, PhD 4-26-4

If this news story is accurate, the American public is being betrayed (yet again) at the highest level. Americans have a RIGHT TO KNOW if their Commander-in-Chief is even remotely incapacitated. This story, if correct, raises multiple crucial and immediate issues and possibilities which need to be examined and considered. Such as...

1. Did the famous 'pretzel' dive and resulting bruise have anything to do with a 'seizure'?

2. If Bush had one 'seizure' who is to say there won't be (weren't?) more?

3. Could 'seizure' be a polite way of saying TIA or 'mini-stroke'? Such events often leave some measure of damage...depending on which portion of the brain was affected. Further, TIAs, once begun, have a habit of continuing...building up to a major stroke in many cases.
3.その「発作」とは専門的に言い換えればTIA【一過性脳虚血発作】または「ミニ卒中」というものでありえたか?このような症状ならば、脳のどの部分を患ったかによるが、しばしばある程度の後遺症を残す... 。さらにTIAは一度を発症すると継続する性質を持っており、より重症な卒中を引き起こす場合も多い。

4. Brain strokes are common in cocaine use...especially long-term abuse and smoking of crack.. The President's behavior falls well within the medical boundaries of cocaine stroke.
4.脳卒中はコカインの常習者において一般的である... 特に長期乱用やクラック【強力コカイン】の服用... 大統領の日頃の振る舞いは、往々にしてコカイン卒中に関する医学的な説明範囲の内にあるようだ。
See: http://www.drugabuse.gov/NIDA_Notes/NNVol13N3/Cocaine.html

5. Mental impairment is also a hallmark of HIV infection and is measurable even from the earliest stages of infection. Usually referred to as 'AIDS Dementia' it commonly presents as forgetfulness and confusion. Rumors of Bush's bisexuality and his alleged/whispered involvement with a longtime pal and mayor of a major Eastern city have been around for years.
See: http://www.thebody.com/Forums/AIDS/Mental/Archive/Reactions/Q8505.html


This report states Bush is said to be taking "oral medication at least twice a day according to [redacted] because of an unspecified 'indisposition'." Such an 'indisposition' might well be related to either of the items above. IF this story is true - and quite clearly there IS something wrong with President Bush's mental faculties - we have a national crisis at hand. Bush has steadfastly refused to open his medical records - a sure indicator there is something to hide.

If Bush should ever lapse into an 'unknown' language when news cams were rolling, one can only wonder what the results would be...

-Jeff Rense


◆Bush 'Seizure' Answer To His Awful Press Conference Performance?

From TBR News 4-26-4

"Vice President Cheney is the de facto President of the United States. When he arrives at the White House for one of his "briefings" of the President, all employees are cleared from the West Wing and especially from the Presidential office suites. Cheney arrives in an escorted armored limousine surrounded by his own personal, heavily armed bodyguard and is always shown directly into the President's office. It is reliably reported by [redacted] that Bush has a thick pad of lined, yellow note paper on his desk, placed there by [redacted] just before the Vice President arrives."

"After Cheney's departure, the notes taken by the President are transcribed by [redacted] and prepared as talking points for the President..."
「チェイニーが出発した後、大統領によって書き取られたノートは、○○氏によって転写され、大統領の発言の要点として準備されます... 」

"At some time in the past, according to both [redacted] and [redacted] the President suffered what one of his aides called "a very minor seizure" and as a result of this, the President has a very difficult time following any unscripted conversations. For this reason, his staff carefully and aggressively protect the President from "unexpected" questions that he is not capable of answering."

"The President takes oral medication at least twice a day according to [redacted] because of an unspecified 'indisposition' and this subject is strictly off limits for any casual staff conversation."

"At one point during a staff conference, the President stood up and began to speak in an unknown language. Mr. Rove was able to stop the President and get him to resume his seat. It was reported by [redacted] that for a period of time (about fifteen minutes) after this incident, the President appeared to be 'somewhat confused and very inarticulate.'"

"White House staff members report that they rarely see the President during work hours and that when they do, he is generally accompanied by Mr. Rove and almost never either looks at or speaks to members of the staff. He does not appear to recognize many of the staff members and almost all contact with these individuals are carried out by his close aides, especially by Mr. Rove."

"Bush holds as few meetings with the public, including the press, as possible. We get reams of official papers informing us of this or that new directive. Those of us who have an inside track with the staff are taken to dinner and given the questions to ask Bush. These are questions he has been thoroughly briefed on and has memorized the answers for. Anyone who persists in pushing the envelope gets a rocket from the Rove people and does not get invited back."

The following comment appears on PrisonPlanet.com with the above TBR news story

Note: The following material is from a reporter with access to the White House and Presidential press briefings. Some of this material has surfaced before but only in small segments. If any of this is true and not the product of an unhappy person, we are all in serious trouble. -ed.


※1)'pretzel' dive プレッツェルを喉に詰まらせて昏倒した
January 13, 2002 - President Bush fainted briefly in the White House residence Sunday after choking on a pretzel while watching the Baltimore-Miami playoff game on tv. Let the one liners begin...

※2)armored limousine 装甲(防弾)リムジン

※3)Karl Rove カール・ローブ 大統領上級顧問



Bush on fainting episode: 'Chew your food' [CNN]
Bush makes light of pretzel scare

Bretzel for Bush - NO WAR -

President Bush Pretzel Shell Game



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