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産経北京野口記者のネタモトのReuters記事です 機械翻訳
投稿者 木田貴常 日時 2004 年 6 月 05 日 09:53:14:RlhpPT16qKgB2

(回答先: 天安門事件 党内で映像回覧のナゾ 「無関係」江氏アピール?(産経新聞) 投稿者 シジミ 日時 2004 年 6 月 05 日 05:21:50)


EXCLUSIVE-New China documentary defends 1989 massacre
Thu Jun 3, 2004 03:34 AM ET
2004年6月3日(木)午前03:34 ET

By Benjamin Kang Lim
ベンジャミンKang Limによって
BEIJING (Reuters) - China has ordered officials to watch a new documentary on the Tiananmen Square demonstrations to persuade younger cadres that the 1989 army crackdown could not be avoided, government sources said on Thursday.

The four-hour documentary has been shown to people holding a rank of ministry department director or higher since March in order to convince a new generation of government officials who may disagree with the government line on the June 3-4 massacre.

"Young cadres need to watch it because many think the crackdown was unnecessary," said one government source who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"The message: The disturbance turned into a rebellion ... and there was no choice but to crush the demonstrations," said the source, who saw the documentary. Another government source said officials were recently shown a Tiananmen film.

The documentary, twice as long as one aired to officials not long after the 1989 crackdown, blamed then-Communist Party chief Zhao Ziyang for confronting then-paramount leader Deng Xiaoping, underscoring a rift in the top leadership.

"The narrator said the party had two headquarters then. Zhao Ziyang was behind one. (Then-premier) Li Peng was behind the other which had the backing of Deng Xiaoping," the first source said.

Deng eventually sacked Zhao as party chief. Deng died in 1997. Zhao, now 84 with silver hair and in declining health, has lived under house arrest ever since.

China bans public commemoration of the anniversary of the crackdown, fearing it may spark fresh protests against high unemployment, heavy taxes on farmers and a widening gap between rich and poor.

In the run-up to this year's anniversary, authorities have put top dissidents under house arrest or taken them outside Beijing, the activists and human rights groups say.


Li Peng, dubbed the "Butcher of Beijing" by critics after he declared martial law on state television, tried to publish his memoirs in retirement, apparently to clear his name, the Hong Kong-based Yazhou Zhoukan magazine said. Continued ...
彼が国営テレビに戒厳令を宣言した後批評家によって「北京の肉屋」と呼ばれる李鵬が明らかに、彼の汚名を返上するために引退での彼の回想録を公表しようとした、と香港が本拠のYazhou Zhoukan雑誌は言いました。 継続しました...

The current leadership in Beijing blocked Li's plan as too politically sensitive, the weekly said.
Sources said officials were required to watch the documentary after Jiang Yanyong, the military doctor who blew the whistle on a government cover-up of the SARS virus outbreak in China last year, alarmed the leadership in February by writing a letter asking for a reassessment of the protests.

The documentary showed protesters pelting tanks and army trucks with rocks in 1989.

"Troops fired a hail of bullets which looked like a fireworks display in the night sky," the first source said.

Chen Xitong, Beijing's disgraced Communist Party boss who was instrumental in the crackdown, does not appear in the new film.
Chen Xitong(弾圧において助けになった北京のはずかしめられた共産党の上司)は、新しいフィルムに現われません。

Chen, serving a 16-year jail term for corruption, was in the two-hour documentary shown right after the massacre.

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