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(回答先: 07/09 19:24 ロンドンのテロは「米国とイスラエルの陰謀」とイラン 共同 投稿者 倉田佳典 日時 2005 年 7 月 12 日 20:24:35)



Regardless of what you may think of the medieval theocrats at the helm in Iran, they do have a point, one never heard in the “free press” (corporate media and propaganda service) in the United States: al-Qaeda is an intelligence operation cooked up long ago in the murky depths of the intelligence underworld. “Has the British prime minister forgotten who Al-Qaeda’s parents are? I remind him then that the United States is Al-Qaeda’s father and Israel is the mother of that illegitimate child,” Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani declared after the London bombings in response to Blair’s criticism of Islam. “It was you yourselves that created this group in the name of Islam and therefore the conduct of a child whose father is the global arrogance, or the White House, and its mothers are the Israeli butchers should not surprise anyone…. You also armed the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein to teeth with all kinds of armaments to create problems for Iran, but it is again you yourselves that are caught in Iraq’s quagmires.”

Kashani, of course, has a point, even though it will be lost on most Americans, even antiwar Americans such as Justin Raimondo, who seems to buy into the legitimacy of al-Qaeda with the worst of them, including the subservient corporate media.

In a recent post to his blog, WagNews, Fintan Dunne takes Raimondo to task for buying into the puerile argument that al-Qaeda is what Bush and crew say it is. “The disinfo is flying thick and fast since the London bombs,” Dunne proclaims and Raimondo is a “sly, establishment whore,” a bit of an overstatement of the case here since Raimondo, a libertarian, is hardly a corporate courtesan. It is true, however, that Raimondo is locked into his particular take on nine eleven and subsequent “terrorist” events—that is, the Israelis are largely responsible, when it appears Israeli intelligence is only part of the whole picture: in fact, one third of the picture. It is my contention there is an unholy trinity, so to speak, at work here: military intelligence factions from the United States (working out of Rumsfeld’s neocon Pentagon, as documented by Seymour Hersh), Britain’s MI5 and MI6, and factions within Mossad or the Israeli intelligence establishment. Agendas overlap here—neolib carpetbaggerism, big oil, and Greater Israel—and it appears none predominate, although, as the London bombings seem to demonstrate, there is a bit of competition between factions (the MI5 and MI6, for lack of a better designation, appear to be behind the bombings, primarily to get Blair’s police state agenda back on the front burner and stem flagging support for the Iraq occupation and the stalled “war on terrorism,” etc.).

Of course, it is impossible to know exactly what is going on. However, as a bit of unearthed (and generally ignored) history reveals, it is a well-established fact al-Qaeda was created by the CIA, Pakistan’s ISI, and British intelligence. For more on this, read Michel Chossudovsky’s Who Is Osama Bin Laden? and Franklin Freeman’s Al-Qaeda: A CIA protégé. As for the MI5 angle (and how the Brits provided sustenance to the engineered terrorist network), see Daniel McGrory and Richard Ford, Al-Qaeda cleric exposed as an MI5 double agent. As for the Israelis, they were caught red-handed creating a fake al-Qaeda cell in Gaza (see Mossad fakes Al-Qaeda Cell; note how this article was removed from the Reuters archive).

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