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Venezuela saca sus dólares de EEUU y los deposita en Europa

これによりますと、この資金の移動はウゴ・チャベス大統領が先週の金曜日(9月30日)に行ったもので、理由は「米国からの脅威を受けているため」となっています。しかしベネズエラ中央銀行の重役Domingo Maza Zavalaはこの理由を「欧州ユーロに比べてドルが値下がりしているから」という理由を述べています。200億ドル分の多くはスイスの銀行の支店に向かったと記事には書かれています。




下に同内容の英文記事(Financial Times ; Oct 05 2005)を貼り付けておきます。



Venezuela moves reserves out of US Treasuries

By Andy Webb-Vidal in Caracas
Published: October 5 2005 19:46 | Last updated: October 5 2005 19:46

Venezuela has transferred a large portion of its $30.4bn of foreign reserves out of US Treasuries and into banks and other financial instruments in Europe, seemingly for political reasons.

The move, which was disclosed in an off-the-cuff comment by President Hugo Chávez last week, has since been only vaguely clarified by Venezuela's central bank.

Domingo Maza Zavala, a central bank director, said this week that during the past four months $20bn (€16.7bn, £11.3bn), most of which was in US Treasuries, had been liquidated and the funds sent to Europe. Much of that, he added, had been deposited at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.

But reports from other bank sources have put the amount transferred at only about $10bn. A spokeswoman at the BIS said on Wednesday the bank did not disclose any information on reserves held for individual customers.

Venezuela's central bank, which has traditionally held its reserves in a portfolio of US Treasuries, euro-denominated bonds, gold and cash, said the transfer was carried out for “financial reasons”, such as a “weakening dollar”. But analysts say the move was most probably motivated by political reasons and that the bank probably acted under pressure from Mr Chávez.

US interest rates across a range of maturities are considerably higher than in the eurozone.

“The fact that Chávez announced it several days before the central bank board verified the move leaves the market to suspect that political pressure was exercised at some point,” said Vitali Meschoulam, emerging markets strategist at HSBC Securities in New York.

Mr Chávez frequently rails against what he sees as the US's “imperialist” foreign policy and he has warned that the Bush administration could “confiscate” some of Venezuela's assets if bilateral relations deteriorate.

Some US officials are concerned by what they see as Mr Chávez's growing oil-financed influence in some parts of Latin America.

Buoyed by high oil prices Venezuela, the world's fifth-largest oil exporter, has seen the level of its international reserves rise to $31bn in recent weeks, from $24bn at the beginning of the year and from about $15bn in 2003.

José Guerra, until recently economic research chief at the central bank, said key details of the transferral of reserves out of the US and into Europe was cloaked in secrecy, even if the motive appeared clear.

“No one knows how much has been moved. Yesterday it was $10bn, today it's $20bn,” he said. “But the reason is eminently political, and it's a further example of the central bank's loss of autonomy.”

Earlier this year legislators loyal to the government passed a law that allows Mr Chávez to withdraw and spend at least $6bn of international reserves.

Mr Chávez has long insisted that the level of reserves is too high and that the money would be better used for domestic social programmes. But in recent weeks he has also embarked on a range of international financial “projects”, such as the purchase of at least $1bn in Argentine sovereign debt.

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