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aljazeerah.info March 1,2006







Concealed History: The Next War on Iran and Syria

By Tony Soldo

Al-Jazeerah, March 1, 2006

On March 22 , 2006, a major event , possibly an attack on the Sears tower in Chicago, or the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, will take place and martial! law will be enacted in the U.S.A. .

Intelligence reports and reliable sources will confirm that Osama bin Laden, with the assistance of Iran, and Syria, carried out the attack.

An audio tape, or maybe a video of Osama bin Laden ,will be released by Al-Jazeera TV to confirm what we all suspected.

Tactical nuclear strikes will commence soon after the 3-22 attacks on strategic targets in Iran, and Syria.

Troops from the US, Britain, and Italy, will be deployed throughout Iran and Syria, and will meet some resistance From pockets of insurgence.

All of this is speculation based on history and deductive analysis, but if and when any of these events take place in the future, then history will record it, and it will no longer be speculation.

This will be one of many" false flag operations" carried out by elements within the U.S. government , and also the governments of Britain, and Israel , like the Askariya Shrine bombing in Samarra, Iraq on 2 -22 . Bombs planted in a Mosque in a city that was under 24 hour curfew, and heavily patrolled by the Coalition Iraqi National Guard.

This is text book "black operations" used throughout history by all of the war-makers who gain power and wealth from large-scale ritual human sacrifices, and insight groups to react violently to other groups.

They draw power from the time and date of their ritual attacks, and also, they need to announce it to the whole world through numerology and symbology. This is why all major terror attacks, assassinations, military operations, and some "natural disasters" occur at precise times and on days that the occultists believe will empower them.

3 , 9 , and 11 are three of the most powerful numbers in the occult world. The word occult means hidden from view , or concealed. The people controlling world events throughout history are all members of secret fraternities or societies. They are called by many names, Freemasons, Skull and Bones , the Illuminati , etc. It does not matter if you believe this to be true, regardless of what you believe, they will continue to do what they do.

They cause the problem, like a terror attack , get the masses to react with shock, fear , and anger, and then, they provide a solution, like bombing the places where the "evil-doers" might be hiding, invading and occupying these places, and increasing security and limiting the rights of the masses to "protect the homeland". This is referred to as the "Hegelian Dialectic" or , problem, reaction, solution..

When the masses finally wake up to this method of planned and controlled events that lead to a state of disorder and confusion, then the war-makers will no longer be able to continue these operations and and make more profit from them.

Take some time to research these topics by "search engineering" words like Illuminati , Freemasons , numerology , 9-11 , 33 , 322 , Skull and Bones , occult symbols , new world order , false flag , Sears Tower attack.
Then visit the following web-sites for more background and insight , Peace.


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