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オックスフォード・リサーチ・グループ(Oxford Reseach Group)はこのほど「報告書」 ― Beyond Terror: The Truth About the Real Threats to Our World  ― を発表。9/11攻撃以来、米英両国は「対テロ戦争」を推し進めているが、これは圧倒的な軍事力によって世界支配という現状維持をはかるためであって、新たな「テロ」の脅威を生み出すだけでかえって世界を危険にさらし、人類が今直面している真の脅威から目をそらすものだと警告した。

@ 気候変動=Climate change
A 資源をめぐる競争=Competition over resources
B (富の偏在による)多数者の疎外=Marginalisation of the majority world
C 世界的軍事化(軍事的対応の世界への拡大)=Global militarisation


1つは http://www.oxfordresearchgroup.org.uk/publications/books/beyondterror.php から転載。

Beyond Terror: The Truth About the Real Threats to Our World
Chris Abbott, Paul Rogers and John Sloboda, April 2007 (Rider)
Is international terrorism really the single greatest threat to world security?

Since the 9/11 attacks, many Western governments assume terrorism to be the greatest threat we face. In response, their dangerous policies attempt to maintain control and keep the status quo by using overwhelming military force. This important book shows why this approach has been such a failure, and how it distracts us from other, much greater, threats:

Climate change
Competition over resources
Marginalisation of the majority world
Global militarisation
Unless urgent, coordinated action is taken in the next 5-10 years on all these issues it will be almost impossible to avoid the earth becoming a highly unstable place by the middle years of this century. Beyond Terror offers an alternative path for politicians, journalists and concerned citizens alike.

About this book

This book is based on Global Responses to Global Threats: Sustainable Security for the 21st Century, published by ORG in June 2006. Fully revised, updated and expanded, this current work has involved nearly two years of research in total as part of ORG’s Moving towards sustainable security project. The English version was published in April 2007 by Random House on their Rider list. Later in the year it will also be published in Dutch by A.W. Bruna and Portuguese by Editorial Presenca.

ISBN 978-1-84-604070-2

今ひとつは http://rawstory.com/news/2007/Video_Study_shows_Bush_Blair_making_0411.html から転載。

Video: Study shows Bush, Blair making world less safe RAW STORY
Published: Wednesday April 11, 2007

The US-led and British-backed war on terror is only fuelling more violence by focusing on military solutions rather than on root causes, a think tank warned Wednesday.

"The 'war on terror' is failing and actually increasing the likelihood of more terrorist attacks," the Oxford Research Group said in its study, titled "Beyond Terror: The Truth About The Real Threats To Our World."

It said Britain and the United States have used military might to try to "keep the lid on" problems rather than trying to uproot the causes of terrorism.

It said such an approach, particularly the 2003 invasion of Iraq, had actually heightened the risk of further terrorist atrocities on the scale of September 11, 2001.

"Treating Iraq as part of the war on terror only spawned new terror in the region and created a combat training zone for jihadists," the report's authors argued.

It pointed out that the Islamist Taliban movement is now resurgent, six years after it was overthrown in 2001 by the US-led invasion in the wake of the September 11 attacks.

"Sustainable approaches" to fighting terrorism would involve the withdrawal of US-led forces from Iraq and their replacement with a United Nations stabilisation force, it said.

It also recommended the provision of sustained aid for rebuilding and developing Iraq and Afghanistan as well as closing the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where most suspects are held without charge or trial.

And it called for a "genuine commitment to a viable two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict."

The study warned that military intervention in Iran over its nuclear ambitions would be "disastrous," calling instead for a firm and public commitment to a diplomatic solution.

Iran insists the programme is peaceful, despite claims from Washington that it masks a drive for nuclear weapons.

The study also said the British government's plans to upgrade the submarine-based Trident nuclear deterrent could produce international instability.

"Nuclear weapon modernisation is likely to serve as a substantial encouragement to nuclear proliferation as countries with perceptions of vulnerability deem it necessary to develop their own deterrent capabilities," it said.

Wire sources contributed to this story.

The following video report is from CNN International.

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