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【謎の巨大警備会社の正体】米国の核兵器はイスラエルによって「警備」されている [WhatReallyHappened]
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Posted Aug 16, 2005
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■U.S. Nuclear Weapons Being “Guarded” by Israel

American supporters of Israel were delighted to learn that an Israeli company, Magal Security Systems ― owned in part by the government of Israel ― is in charge of security for the most sensitive nuclear power and weapons storage facilities in the United States.

The largest perimeter security company in the world, Magal started out as a division of Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) ― which was owned in part by the government of Israel. In recent years, however, Magal evolved into a publicly-traded company, although IAI (and thus the government of Israel) still holds a substantial share in the highly successful firm.

What all of this means is that the government of Israel will actually have control over the security of America’s nuclear weapons.

Supporters of Israel say that this is a splendid idea, since Israel is said to be perhaps America’s closest ally on the face of the planet. However, there are some critics who question the propriety of America’s super-sensitive nuclear security being in the hands of any foreign nation, particularly Israel which, even today, officially denies that it is engaged in the production of nuclear arms.

Be that as it may, however, Magal’s global interests are quite broad-ranging. Having secured 90 percent of Israel’s borders through a wide-ranging array of super-modern “space age” technology, Magal has now branched out internationally. Not only does Magal provide security for American nuclear facilities, but it also does likewise for most major nuclear facilities in Western Europe and Asia.

In addition, the Israeli firm also provides security for Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and, for the last fifteen years, has kept watch on the Queen of England’s famed Buckingham Palace in London. What’s more, Magal provides security for 90% of the American prisons that utilize electronic systems.

Magal brags that its other clients around the globe include: borders, airports, industrial sites, communication centers, military installations, correctional facilities, government agencies, VIP estates and residences, commercial buildings and storage yards. There is hardly a major country or major enterprise that does not have Magal’s security specialists keeping a close watch on their activities.
ほかにもマガール社はまさに全球的に展開したクライアント契約を誇っている:国境、空港、工業用地、コミュニケーションセンター、軍事施設、教化施設、政府機関、要人の私有地や住居、商用ビル、各種貯蔵施設... 。世界の主要国および大企業で、その活動をマガール社のセキュリティ専門家に間近で監視されていないところはほとんど無いといえるだろう。

Clearly, Magal is no small enterprise. While 27% of its total sales are in the Israeli market, its largest market is in North America, which currently accounts for 35% of its sales.

However, Magal’s American outreach is expected to increase substantially, especially now that firm has set up a Washington, D.C. office which will promote its products to federal agencies and to the members of Congress who provide funding for federally-supervised security projects across the country at all levels: local, state and national.

And with current U.S. Homeland Security Chief, Michael Chertoff, not only a strong supporter of Israel but also the son of a woman who has strong Israeli ties ― even including service with El Al, the national airline of Israel ― Magal, owned in party by Israeli Aircraft Industries ― will be a clear-cut favorite in the eyes of the power brokers in official Washington who have the power to grant lucrative security contracts.
現在の米国国土安全保障省 (DHS) 長官マイケル・チャートフは、自身が強固なイスラエル支持者というだけでなく、その母親はイスラエル国営のエル・アル航空を使ったかつての秘密任務を含めて、イスラエルと深く結びついていた。チャートフをはじめ、有利なセキュリティ契約を与える力を持つワシントンのパワーブローカーたちの眼に、IAIが部分的に所有するマガール社は、明らかに魅惑的に映るだろう。
【DHS長官マイケル・チャートフの父親(Gershon Baruch Chertoff)はユダヤ教のラビだった。母親(Livia Eisen)は初期のイスラエル諜報員で、1949年、エル・アル航空を使いイエメンからサウジアラビア領空を通過して5万4000人ものユダヤ系住民をイスラエルに移送した「魔法の絨毯作戦(Operation Magic Carpet)」に参加したといわれている。】

At the moment, Magal has four U.S.-based subsidiaries: two in California, Stellar Security Products, Inc. and Perimeter Products Inc., as well as the New York-based Smart Interactive Systems, Inc., and the Virginia-based Dominion Wireless, Inc.
マガールには米国を本拠地とする4つの子会社がある:カリフォルニアに2社「Stellar Security Products Inc.」と「Perimeter Products Inc. 」、ニューヨークに1社「Smart Interactive Systems Inc.」、およびヴァージニア1社「Dominion Wireless Inc. 」である。

All told, the Israeli company holds a 40% share in the worldwide market in perimeter intrusion detection systems and is working to expand its business in the protection of oil pipelines.

Magal is also said to be quite interested in guarding water lines around the globe, particularly in the United States. In fact, Magal may have an inside shot at getting a monopoly in guarding America’s water supplies. On July 19, the Bush administration’s Environmental Protection Agency announced a “partnership” with the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructures to improve what they called “water supply system security in the United States and Israel.” Since Magal is so highly respected in Israel, it’s an even bet that Magal will soon be guarding the U.S. water supply.

From the Magal web-page at:

"Nuclear Facilities and Other Utility Installations

The Magal Group is a leading contractor in securing nuclear power generating plants, nuclear research facilities, chemical processing plants and weapon storage sites. Our extensive product range together with the experience of our key technical staff has enabled the Magal Group to successfully respond to the unique requirements of these high-risk installations as mandated by the International Atomic Energy Agency. More than 80 percent of such facilities in the United States, as well as the majority in Western Europe and Asia have been supplied with our perimeter security systems."

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「イスラム過激派のテロ」だと報道された事件は、その後の調査によって様々な不審点が指摘されているケースが多い。いったい誰がテロをやっているのか? 背後の黒幕は誰なのか? 具体的な事例はさておくとして、一つ確かに言えることは、「テロが起きたら真っ先に警備担当者を疑え!」という格言があるかどうかは知らないが、実際に「テロ」が発生したとき、まずは警備担当の主体が徹底的な捜査を受けるべきであり、テロを防げなかった責任に留まらず、施設を熟知し進入手段を有する立場として、テロへの協力あるいは計画・実行段階へのあらゆる関与について、疑惑を免れるべきではないということだ。

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