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Sun. January 26th, 2003
Bali Bomb Journalist Fired
[More Terror] - Winston Smith @ 03:30:32

Robert S Finnegan, Jakarta Post journalist and author of an explosive Investigator's Analysis【1】on January 3rd which cast doubt on the official account of the Bali Bombings, has been been dismissed from the English language Indonesian newspaper.

Finnegan's brief statement says:

On January 25 2003, veteran investigative journalist Robert S. Finnegan was fired from The Jakarta Post, Jakarta Indonesia as a direct result of his reporting on the October 12 bombing in Kuta, Bali.

The Jakarta Post management caved in to pressure exerted by international interests to terminate the reporter after his investigation uncovered CIA connections to the bombing.

The Post has denied it fired Finnegan as a consequence of his Bali bombing stories, but declined to state the reason for its action. Readers may like to contact the Jakarta Post and seek an explanation for the dismissal. If you get one feel free to email us.


【1】 http://feralnews.com/weblog/index.php?p=14

Wed. January 15th, 2003
Bali Bombing: An Investigator's Analysis
[More Terror] - Winston Smith @ 14:11:28

Robert S. Finnegan, an editor with The Jakarta Post, wrote an article entitled Bali bombing: An investigator's analysis which appeared in The Jakarta Post on January 3rd 2003.

It was indexed promptly by Google and attracted some interest - although no coverage, as far as I'm aware, by other 'mainstream' media.

The article rapidly disappeared from The Jakarta Post website and has been de-indexed by Google. It has disappeared down the Memory Hole within a fortnight...

With the author's permission, Feral News has reproduced the article HERE. 【★】

Of related interest is a timeline also published in the Jakarta Post - see Timetile: The Bali bombing, a comprehensive overview【★★】.

Finnegan's questioning approach to investigating the Bali terror outrage makes him stand out from a large field of lazy media hacks content to regurgitate the US/UK/Australian 'official line', which is starting to look as flawed (and fabricated) as the 9/11 'official version'.

How many more mass murders will it take before a critical mass of mainstream journalists wake up and start digging below the surface?



Bali bombing: An investigator's analysis
by Robert S. Finnegan, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

Note: this article appeared first in the Jakarta Post, January 3rd 2003.
It is no longer available on the Jakarta Post website.

On October 12, 2002 the Indonesian island of Bali experienced a terrorist attack that rocked the world. It was unquestionably well-coordinated and executed, the largest in the country's history.

Investigators and forensics experts from both national and international teams that had quickly been assembled flocked to the crime scene, ostensibly to begin what should have been a long, drawn out exercise in forensics and investigative sleuthing to identify and capture the foot soldiers, coordinators and masterminds behind the attack that has left over 190 known dead, scores missing without a trace and hundreds more wounded.

It has turned out to be anything but that.

The Indonesian government immediately vowed to unite in the hunt for the bombers.

The U.S. government along with the international community seized the opportunity to point the finger at the shadowy al-Qaeda group along with Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Ba'asyir as the culprits.

In hindsight, it would appear that perhaps these individuals, given their apparent intimate knowledge of the perpetrators immediately following the bombing should have been included on the investigating team. Perhaps if they had we would know more than we do today, which is very little despite the volume of information (or disinformation) being vomited out by the spokesmen for the investigative teams on a daily basis.

A creeping sense of foreboding began soon after the forensics people and other investigators (inclusive of Insp. Gen. I Made Pastika and his army of hundreds of supposedly top-notch investigators with virtually unlimited resources at their disposal) announced after only a week and a half that they were wrapping up their on-site work and retreating to the labs to analyze their findings. Astounding work, as it must have set a world record for crime scene forensic analysis.

Given the scope of the bombing and the sheer size of the primary and secondary blast areas - where trace from a plethora of different explosive compounds were swabbed from - this was a feat that escaped even the vaunted investigators working the World Trade Center crime scene in New York, who spent nearly a year literally sifting by hand for evidence at the site. It would appear that the teams on Bali possessed far superior skills and techniques ... or was there something else responsible for their haste in wrapping up so quickly and then sending the rest of the evidence as quickly as possible to the bottom of the ocean off Bali?

At this point in their investigation National Police Chief Gen. Da'i Bachtiar states for the record that "traces of a chemical powder used in the bomb" were found in the van allegedly used to transport the large device. What powder? Even a cursory examination of the crater and primary site immediately following the bombings would make this statement laughable were it not for the circumstances.

If indeed the Mitsubishi L300 van was used in the large blast, the five-foot deep by twenty-foot wide crater indicates that it would have been completely vaporized, including the engine block which they apparently found intact - along with the victims who instantly vanished. Indeed, this begs the question: Where did the investigators obtain this evidence in relation to the crater?

Is it possible that if the van survived the large blast it was because it was parked at the edge of the primary blast zone, packed with small amounts of all the explosives - whose traces were found at the sites - in order to throw off independent investigators?

In addition, there is the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), allegedly signed jointly by the National Police and the international investigation team, specifically restricting the scope of the "investigation links" and prohibiting international inquiries. Could this at least partially explain why Pastika has continually stonewalled, intimidated and generally obstructed independent investigators during the course of their work?

During the first weeks of the investigation, notables such as State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Chief Hendropriyono, Susilo Yudhoyono, Assembly Speaker Amien Rais and Pastika focused or pretended to focus on foreigners - without specifying "which" foreigners - who they said were behind the attack. Somehow this twisting, turning trail dried up and disappeared into thin air without explanation, along with the former retired Air Force Officer who allegedly confessed to police his involvement in the bombing and was then released. To this day his whereabouts remain unknown and police investigators either cannot or will not release any information on this man, an officer who was allegedly trained in America in explosives and is an incredible lead that should have been followed-up on aggressively and thoroughly. Why was it not?

Are these the statements and actions of professional investigators - or the actions of individuals engaged in a cover-up?

Let's look at the myriad of explosive traces found at the site and subsequently cited individually off and on by investigators and police as "the explosive" used in the bombings.

First it was C-4, then RDX. These two are actually the same, the difference being nine percent mallable plastic used in C-4. So, which is more powerful? RDX - nine percent more powerful than C-4.

Day after day, investigators trotted out a different explosive and combinations of explosives purportedly responsible for the blasts. In addition to C-4 and RDX there was now TNT, Ammonium Nitrate, HMX, Semtex, PETN, Chlorate and napalm. Everything but the kitchen sink. Was this gross ineptitude? Or another ploy to throw independent investigators off the trail?

For example, had the originators of the napalm theory studied up on the material before opening their mouths they would have known that napalm leaves a sticky, smelly residue on everything, including victims. This was not in evidence at the blast site or at the Sanglah burn ward and morgue, where the burn victims were taken. Therefore, in the absence of any physical evidence, napalm must be excluded and the originators of this farce be awarded a grade of "F" in "explosives analysis." In other words, if you are going to lie, be professional about it at least know what you are lying about and have the mental capacity to remember what you said when you said it. This single evidentiary template could easily be applied and extended to the entire "official investigation" of the Bali bombings where deceit, obstruction and obfuscation are and have been the name of the game.

To put this in perspective, let us look at three of the explosives claimed by official investigators to have been used in the bombings, starting with the compound that has the lowest velocity of detonation in feet per second (FPS) which is Potassium Chlorate at 3,500 FPS; compared to 12,000 FPS for Ammonium Nitrate and diesel and finally 27,800 FPS for RDX. In simple terms, at any given distance from ground zero these different explosive compounds will exert pressure in pounds per square inch. Damage to people and structures are a result of this pressure in varying degrees depending on the velocity of detonation. Even if RDX were used, the amount needed to cause the level of destruction in evidence at the crime scene should have been in excess of anything available through even the military, who denied possession of the explosive. There is also the delivery of the device to be taken into account.

Each of the explosives cited by investigators (with the exception of napalm) have unique and individual characteristics that vary for usage, stability and explosive yeild. They require specific detonators for each in order to obtain maximum effect.

Also now at the bottom of the ocean off Bali is the reinforcing bar (rebar) located more than fifty feet from ground zero that had been completely stripped of concrete as a result of the blast. Documented military estimates of the force required to accomplish this is roughly 1 million to 1.5 million pounds per square inch.

What kind of weapon or device could accomplish this? And for that matter leave a crater of that size? Why was it filled in? This arguably could have been one of the most important pieces of evidence available to investigators not only for the trace explosive in evidence, but from which also could have been determined (roughly) the size and composition of the device.

With the police claiming (off and on) that Amrozi, Mukhlas and Samudra (who allegedly at one point denied involvement in the Bali bombings) were the perpetrators of the blasts, then why do the official investigators not know EXACTLY the type of device used in the main bombing and its precise composition? To put it quite simply, how can we have a bomber or bombers in the absence of a bomb?

Why were Amrozi and Samudra so quick to confess and finger their "accomplices"? Were these the actions of dedicated, radical, Islamic fundamentalists? "Professionals"? Did they expect to further their cause by eviscerating their own organization? Does it make sense that they were willing to kill and maim hundreds of innocents - including many fellow Indonesians - and yet implicate their comrades to save their own skins?

Given this dismal investigative performance, exactly what role did the international investigating team play in this debacle?

If indeed there is one thing that has been glaringly apparent throughout this investigation, it is that perhaps nothing close to the truth has been told as of today. It is also apparent that something is very, very wrong not only with the procedural aspects of this case, but also with the suppression and outright destruction of evidence. The international investigators bear a heavy responsibility for this, and should be held accountable.

Jakarta Post Editor Robert S. Finnegan is an internationally published investigative reporter with over two decades investigative experience. He currently holds an Alaska (U.S.) Private Investigator license.


Timetile: The Bali bombing, a comprehensive overview

The following timeline is excerpted from reports published
in The Jakarta Post unless otherwise attributed

Note: this timline appeared first in the Jakarta Post, January 3rd 2003.
See also Bali bombing: An investigator's analysis【★を参照】

●Tuesday Oct. 15:

Police say C-4 was explosive material used to make bomb.

U.S. says al-Qaeda and Abu Bakar Ba'asyir responsible for bombing.

Hamzah Haz says Muslims not responsible and bombing was "engineered".

●Wednesday Oct. 16

Hendropriyono says both technology and skills of bombers indicate they are from abroad and must have carried out surveillance before the attack.

Bali Police Chief Brig. Gen. Budi Setyawan said there is no indication of al-Qaeda involvement so far.

The Washington Post reports Indonesian police arrest former Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who allegedly confessed to building bomb that killed over 180 people and expressed regret for huge loss of life.

Air First Marshall says suspect released and this proves no Air Force Involvement.

●Thursday Oct. 17

Susilo Yudhoyono admits possible involvement of foreigners in bombing.

Authorities focusing on seven "foreigners" suspected to have masterminded and carried out the bombings, a terrorist cell said to have been led by a Yemeni national, his Malaysian deputy and a European with links to Philippine bombings.

Police Chief Brig. Gen. Budi confirms bomb made of RDX.

Indonesian Army Brig. Gen. Ratyono denies Army supplied C-4 to terrorists. Denies Army possesses C-4 "bombs".

●Friday Oct. 18

Hendropriono says technology and skills employed by attackers indicate they are from abroad.

●Sunday Oct. 20

Pastika says investigation team focusing on four persons, including a security guard and a retired Air Force officer.

●Monday Oct. 21

Police receive order to release former Air Force Officer Dedi Masrukhin although suspicions of his link to Bali blasts remain strong.

Forensics experts admit some victims could have been completely consumed by blast.

●Tuesday Oct. 22

Omar al-Faraq allegedly tells CIA bin Laden transferred US $133,440 to JI for purchase of three tons of explosives from Indonesian military sources.

AFP agent Brett Swan says because of scale of explosion "highly organized perpetrators" carried it out.

U.S. declares "technology transfer review" between U.S. and RI as high-tech U.S. items may be found at bomb site.

●Wednesday Oct. 23

Aritonang says investigators have determined specifications of bombs but not how they were deployed, large bomb made of RDX with a "derivative" of Ammonium Nitrate.

●Friday Oct. 25

Aritonang says bomb was RDX and Ammonium Nitrate.

●Saturday Oct. 26

Maj. Gen. Muhdi Purwopranjono (Kopassus) claims to have identified bombers.

Joint investigating team says it's still in dark.

Aritonang says bombings were carefully and professionally planned and executed.

●Sunday Oct. 27

Pastika says bombs made by Indonesians who "could not have done it without help from foreign bomb experts. We believe that the explosives were brought in from outside Bali" and "The technology using mobile phones as a remote control is new for Indonesia and something that requires guidance from foreign experts."

●Monday Oct. 28

Two Generals, one police, one army named as possible suspects in bombing and subsequently file suit against Washington Post for libel.

●Tuesday Oct. 29

Susilo Yudhoyono denies Army, Police Generals involved in bombing.

●Wednesday Oct. 30

Pastika says "main player" identified who is also bomb maker.

●Thursday Oct. 31

Police release three sketches of bomb suspects. Muchyar Yara says that the three were part of a list of 10 names submitted to police.

●Friday Nov. 1

Da'I Bachtiar says they have identified East Javanese man but have not found him yet, along with driver of the van. Bachtiar says they used TNT, RDX, HDX and Ammonium Nitrate.

U.S. ambassador Ralph Boyce says media accusations of U.S. involvement in bombing "inaccurate and unhelpful."

Defense Minister Matori Djalil links bombing to JI and al-Qaeda.

ASIO director Dennis Richardson does the same.

●Saturday Nov. 2

International investigation team finishes forensics after less than three weeks on site, concluding that bomb was TNT, RDX and other "materials" including chloride. AFP forensic team member says "we have all we need to nail these bad guys down,"

BIN says bombings involved "skilled foreign experts".

Muchyar Yara says "We are sure that foreign experts along with Indonesian experts or perpetrators were involved."

National Police said bombs were constructed of TNT, RDX and HMX.

AFP officer Graham Ashton say that the degree of coordination and vehicle placement reflected a high degree of planning and expertise.

BIN issues a report saying bombs were made of Semtex.

●Sunday Nov. 3

Police release on Nov. 2 man arrested in Ngada regency. Brig.Gen Aritonang says it's the wrong guy.

Police raid house on Java and find photo matching suspect in composite sketch release earlier in week.

120 Australian police and intelligence officers working in Bali in addition to international investigators.

Minister of Defense Matori Jalil accuses al-Qaeda of bombings.

Australia accuses JI of bombing.

●Monday Nov. 4

International team says bombers are professionals.

Intelligence sources say foreign perpetrators would hide for 6 months before trying to get out of the country.

●Thursday Nov. 07

Mitsubishi van owner arrested in East Java on Nov. 5.

Gen. Heru Susanto identifies owner of van as Amz, 30, arrested in Paciran village in Lamongan. Amz says he bought van from man identified as Her from Tuban.

Joint inquiry team issues statement that a white Mitsubishi L300 van loaded with explosives stopped minutes before the blast in front of Sari club in drop off area not normally used for parking.

Aritonang says police have not named any suspects in relation to the bombing. Are focusing investigation on ten persons.

●Friday Nov. 8

Da'I Bachtiar says Amrozi admitted using van for bombing and renting motorcycles and other car for bombing. Admits Amrozi does not match sketches.

Panorama in Italy reports Italian national bar owner "Sartoni" in Bali arrested in connection with bombing.

Asian Wall Street journal reports Hambali as planning bombing during meetings in south Thailand.

●Saturday Nov. 9

Pastika says Amrozi admits to helping build main bomb, admits to being field coordinator for bombing.

●Sunday Nov. 10

Police claim Amrozi bought sulfur, ammonium, fluorine and chlorate from Tidar Kimina chemical store in Surabaya.
●Monday Nov. 11

Police claim to have produced an initial reconstruction of planning and execution of bombing, also that Amrozi purchased over one ton of chemicals to produce bombs from Silvester Tendean.

Former Bakin official AC Manullang expresses doubts about Amrozi's part in pro team responsible for bombing.

Aritonang says Amrozi prime suspect in bombing.

●Tuesday Nov. 12

Pastika says 10 Indonesians suspected of bombing.

Amrozi states he wanted to kill Americans in bombing. Bachtiar says Amrozi held four meetings in Surakarta to plan bombings.

Anti-terrorism officer and chemical expert express doubt over police claims they have identified bombers. Kopassus NCO says bombing would take a year of practice to execute. Chemical expert rules out conventional explosives, say they are incapable of causing level of destruction at Kuta.

●Wednesday Nov. 13

Amrozi says he did not assemble bomb. Pastika says bomb consisted of 100 kilos TNT, PETN detonator and RDX "booster".

●Thursday Nov. 14

Amrozi fingers Samudra as one of the masterminds of the bombing, says he drove van to Bali but denies assembling bomb.

●Saturday Nov. 16

JL named as prime suspect in blast.

●Monday Nov. 18

Joint investigation team identifies 6 more suspects: Patek, Samdura, Imron, Wayan, Dulmatin, Idris with Samdura, Dulmatin and Idris as bomb assemblers. Samdura leader of group, Idris second in command, Dulmatin as detonator with his cell phone, electronics expert.

Amrozi refuses to identify driver of van.

●Tuesday Nov. 19

Pastika says investigators have not yet focused on source of explosives, too early to move on that and only arrest of perpetrators would lead them to device.

Police say they found RDX and TNT trace at blast site. TNI denies ever storing RDX or C-4. PT Dahana confirms importing RDX for limited parties and military.

●Wednesday Nov. 20

Da'I Bachtiar says there are other "materials" Amrozi did not procure in Surabaya and "has no capacity to make bombs".

AFP says they have not found RDX residue at site, only Chlorate and TNT.

Pastika will not confirm or deny foreign involvement.

●Thursday Nov. 21

Hermawan Sulistyo says amount of explosives required do not match van story.

Police confirm chemicals purchased by Amrozi were not main bomb materials.

Pastika says main bomb materials TNT and RDX.

●Friday Nov. 22

Three "mystery" men appear in Amrozi interrogation transcript, Amrozi appears to be in dark about Sari and Paddy club bombings until he sees it on TV.

Pastika claims he has not read interrogation report, now claims that only seven suspects have been identified.

●Saturday Nov. 23

Bachtiar says that Amrozi himself provided the vehicle and materials for the bombs.

●Sunday Nov. 24

Bachtiar says bombings carried out by three groups under leadership of Hambali.

●Monday Nov. 25

Police claim that the device used at Paddy's was detonated 118 centimeters above the ground.

Time Magazine claims Yemeni terrorist mastermind of Bali Bombing.

●Tuesday Nov. 26

Police detain "accomplices" in bombing.

Police reveal Samudra was in process of getting fake passport to travel to Malaysia.

●Wednesday Nov. 27

Legal experts say Amrozi and Samudra confessions inadmissible under KUHP.

●Thursday Nov. 28

Bali bombing victims call for death of perpetrators. Friday Nov. 29

Aritonang says Samudra interrogation transcripts on Bali bombing not included in his case file because a lawyer did not accompany suspect.

●Saturday Nov. 30

Police now say JI "operating in Indonesia".

Samudra claims he masterminded Batam bombings.

●Sunday Dec. 1

Lawyers for Samudra say he is not linked to Ba'asyir or Mukhlas.

●Monday Dec. 2

Political analyst Hermawan Sulistyo hints that media reports, including those from Time, which relied on "intelligence sources", may be false.

●Tuesday Dec. 3

Police release names of 163 Bali bombing victims.

●Wednesday Dec. 4

Bali investigating team "not sure" when investigation into the approximately 200 missing in the bombings will begin.

●Thursday Dec. 5

Police say they have captured alleged JI operations chief Mukhlas.

Bomb blasts rock McDonald's and car dealership in Sulawesi, killing three.

●Monday Dec. 9

Pastika says at least "90 percent" of the Bali bombing plot had been uncovered.

●Tuesday Dec. 10

Pastika says dossiers on Bali bombing suspects had to be "perfect", but has yet to assign responsibility for the three blasts to suspects or determine explosives used.

Sulawesi Police Chief Gen. Firman Gani says they have linked Sulawesi bombers with Bali bombings.

●Wednesday Dec. 11

Samudra lawyer expresses doubt on client's ability to assemble explosives, alleges that Samudra and other suspects had been manipulated by a "third party" to discredit Islam in Indonesia, suggests two devices were used in bombings: one conventional and one "high tech device of great power". Lawyer also says eyewitness saw something fall from sky before explosion.

●Thursday Dec. 12

Joint investigative team says Makassar, Bali bombings closely linked.

●Friday Dec. 13

Aritonang says he has strong case in Bali bombings. Says he does not have specialized knowledge to discuss explosives used in detail.

●Saturday Dec. 14

Samudra denies knowing Mukhlas, Gufron, denies receiving funds from them. Wanted to kill Israeli spies, Americans. Says he did not assemble bombs or know where they were assembled.

Bachtiar questions whether Amrozi and Samudra acted alone in all bombings.



Summary of the Bali Blast Case

by Made Mangku Pastika

■■ Introduction

The Bali Blast case occurred on Saturday, 12 October 2002 in three locations:

●Raya Puputan street, Renon-Denpasar
●Paddys Pub, Legian street-Kuta
●In front of Sari Club, Legian street-Kuta

The Bali Blast caused many casualties and damage on property/buildings as well as on other public facilities.

Several main steps were need to be taken: Firstly, how to provide emergency facilities to evacuate the living victims and identify the dead victims, Secondly, how to resolve the Bali Blast disaster and detect the perpetrators; and thirdly, how to restore security in Bali and avoid the society into a horizontal conflict.

The explanation on the Bali Blast investigation will be elaborated begin with the formation of the Investigation Team, The crime scene processing, Perpetrators of the Bali Blast, Scenario of the Bali blast, Association of the Bali bomb blast perpetrators with Jama'ah lslamiyyah. The Foreign Support Group, and Various Obstacles as well as some considerations regarding the Bali Blast case.

■■ Forming an Investigation Team

For the purpose of resolving the case, an investigation team has been formed involving a number of Police forces. This team is comprised of:

●Intelligence Team (INP/Indonesian National Police and other intelligence agencies)
●Criminal Investigation Team
●Supporting Team comprised of the INP Forensic Laboratory, INP identification Division, INP Med"cal Unit, INP Psychology Unit, NCB/Interpol and International Police Agencies (AFP, FBI, Scotland Yard, Japan NPA, BKA-Germany, France, New Zealand, PNP, Sweden and the Netherlands).
●Analysis and Evaluation Team
●Spokesperson Team.

Members of the team are derived from suitably qualified officers.

■■ Crime Scene Processing

The crime scene was seemingly ruined and unprotected (though the police line had been set up). This is due to evacuation of the living victims, water jets which came from the broken pipes and fire brigade, and the public's curiosity. This could have an effect on the status quo of the crime scene.

The crime scene process involve 510 personnel in which comprise of 400 IMP and 110 International Police officers who have various experts on Bombs, Chemistry, Ballistics, Metallurgy. Medicals, DNA, Geology, Identification, Automotives, and Investigation. The process took 34 days to accomplish it (since 12 October until 15 November 2002).

Base on the eye witnesses, the bomb blast caused a strong explosion followed by a big fireball in the air as a mushroom cloud, strong air pressure from the source of the explosion, and the explosion heard within a radius of 25 kilometers.

The bomb blast has left a number of Casualties, 192 people killed in which 187 bodies had been identified, 5 bodies unidentified and 140 bodies parts still under examination by DVI/Disaster Victim Identification, badly damaged on : 58 buildings, 19 cars and 32 motorcycles. (data by 9 January 2003)

Bomb Blast in PADDY'S Pub was occurred at 23. 08' - " WITA (Middle Indonesian Time). Based on the forensic laboratory examination, It was found residues of TNT and RDX, so the Bomb analist assumed that was a high power explosive bomb. The position of bomb was presumed to be a suicide bomb.

Second Bomb was occurred in front of Sari Club at 23.08'29" WITA. The crater was a diameter of 4 meters and a depth of 60 centimeters, radius of fire burn 100 - 200 meters and radius of ruined buildings 200 - 400 meters. It was found residus of Chlorate, Potassium Chlorate, Nitrate and TNT in the crater, on the leaves of trees, and on the upper portion of the electricity pole, assumed to be a low power explosive car bomb.

The third bomb was occurred at Raya Puputan Renon - Denpasar (23.08'31" WITA). It was found residus of TNT, fragments of a shattered cellular phone Nokia brand type 5110 code no. DMC 00455-3. this was assumed to be a high power explosive bomb and was triggered by the vibration of the cellular phone.

The initial inquiry began after reconstructing fragments of a Mitsubishi Celt L -300, which led to establish Public Transportation Test Number (Code DPR 15463) and Chassis Number L300 B - 011230. The vehicle was made neary 1981-1983. Based on the data from Traffic Registration Division, the registration number was DK 1324 BS (Denpasar) and the owner was known as ANAK AGUNG KETUT ADI. The vehicle has been sold to other persons and last buyer was M. ROZI aka AMROZI (Tenggulun Village, Solokuro District, Lamongan City - East Java)

Critical inquiry has been conducted to uncover the case particularly to identify the perpetrators. Referred to M. ROZI aka AMROZI testimony and associated with Born analysis, it was detected that Ball Born Blast was conducted by a group of people with international support and well planning.

Recently, The investigation Team had apprehended 30 suspects, consisting of five main suspects, four suspects ready to be a suicide bomb, and 21 suspects who aided the five main suspects, (financial support, hiding the suspects, concealing information regarding the suspects). They were apprehended in East Java, West Java (Banten), Central Java and East Kalimantan. All of them have being held by the Bali Regional Police for trial One them namely M. ROZI aka AMROZI, his brief was still under examination Denpasar Attorney. There are 10 other main suspects allegedly involved direct to the Bali bombing either as the Master Mind, financial support or as other functions

■■ Perpetrators of the Bali Bomb Blast

The suspects involved in the Bali bomb blast are as follows:

●1.ABDUL AZIS a.k.a. IMAM SAMUDRA a.k.a. KUDAMA a.k.a. ABU OMAR a.k.a. FATIH a.k.a. FAT ak.a. FAIZ YUNSHAR a.k.a. HERI a.ka. HENDRI, as the Initiator, Operational Manager, and pointed the target, (Apprehended)
●2.M. ROZI a.k.a. AMROZI a.k.a. KHAIRUL ANAM, preparing resources such as : L-300 vehicle, 1 (one) ton of KC103. 20 kilograms of TNT, and purchasing a motor cycle. (Apprehended)
●3.IDRIS a.k.a. JHONI HENDRAWAN a.k.a. GEMBROT a.k.a. GEMBLONG, preparing accommodation, transportation and logistics during in Bali (In Search)
●4.ALI IMRON a.k-a. AUK, assisting bomb assembling, driving the L-300 from Lamongan to Bali and as an executor. (Apprehended)
●5.DUL MATIN a.k.a. NOVAL a.k.a. AMAR USMAN a.k.a. JOKO PITONO, assembling the bomb. (In Search)
●6.UMAR a.k.a. WAYAN a.k.a. ABDUL GHANI a.ka. SURANTO, as a guidance in Bati. (In Search) /~
●7.'UMAR a.k.a. PA' TEK a.k.a. ABU SYEKH a.k.g~ ZACKV-. assisting bomb assembling. (In Search)
●8.ARNASAN a.k.a. ACONG a.k.a. IQBAL, allegedly as a suicide bomb car in front of San Club (under further investigation).
●9.JIM, allegedly as a suicide bomb in Paddy's Pub (under further investigation).
●10.MUKHLAS a.k.a. ALI GUFRON, as a Spiritual Motivator and Supervisor. (Apprehended)
●11.ZULKARNAEN al ARIF SUNARSO a! DAUD, allegedly as a Master Mind (In Search)
●12.HAMBALI, allegedly as one of the Master Mind (In Search)
●13.WAN MIN bin WAN MAT, allegedly as one of the Master Mind (Detained by PDRM)
●14.ZULKIFLIMARZUKI, allegedly as one of the Master Mind (In Search)
●15.NOORDIN MOCH TOP, allegedly as one of the Master Mind (In Search)
●16.DR. AZAHARI, allegedly as one of the Master Mind (In Search)
●17.UTOMO PAMUNGKAS a.k.a. MUBAROK, participated in transporting the L-300 vehicle from Lamongan to Denpasar, and also facilitate his account bank to M. ROZI aka AMROZI (Apprehended)
●18.HERI HAFIDIN, recruited the group of suicide bomb. (In Search).
●19.ABDUL RAUF a.k.a. SAM, one of the suicide bombs and robed the "Elita" Gold store, Serang to fund the Ball bombing operation. (Apprehended)
●20.ANDRI OCTAVIA a.k.a. YUDI, one of the suicide bombs and robed the "Elita" Gold store, Serang to fund the Bah bombing operation. (Apprehended)
●21.ANDI HIDAYAT a.k.a. AGUS, one of the suicide bombs and robed the "Elita" Gold store, Serang to fund the Ball bombing operation. (Apprehended)
●22.JUNAEDI a.k.a. AMIN, one of the suicide bombs and robed the "Elita" Gold store, Serang to fund the Bali bombing operation. (Apprehended) Scenario of the Bali Blast

The Bali Blast was actually well prepared and organized. This could be explained as follows:

1. Planning Stage.

(a) A preliminary meeting was held in Bangkok in the beginning of February 2002 attended by HAMBALI, ZULKIFLI, WAN MIN bin WAN MAT, DR. ASAHARI, NOORDIN M.TOP and MUKHLAS. The day after, WAN MIN bin WAN MAT handed over sump of US$ 35.500 to MUKHU\S, allegedly that money came from HAMBALI.
(b) In August to September 2002, number meetings was held in Surakarta and followed by meetings in Lamongan.
(c) HERI HAFIDIN recruited ABDUL RAUF, ANDRI OCTAVIA. ANDI HIDAYAT, JUNAEDI, and IQBAL for committing a suicide bomb directed by IMAM SAMUDRA.

2. Preparation Stage

(a) The departure of ABDUL RAUF and friends to Bali via Surabaya and stayed overnight in "Al Munawarah" inn and "Laksana Indah Jaya" Inn.
(b) The purchase of bomb materials by AMROZI consisting of KC103, Aluminum Powder, Sulphur in "Tidar Kimia" Chemistry, Surabaya and the purchase of an L-300 vehicle registration number DK 1324 BS from ANAS.
(c) Commencing 27th September 2002 sending the chemical materials to Bali conducted in four stages.
(d) Providing accommodation by IDRIS aka JHONY HENDRAWAN such as: Harum Hotel, Bakti Rahayu Lodging House, Mariboro, and Pulau Pinang Street No. 8, Raya Pamogan street Mutiara Indah I A No. 8 Kepaon, as well as Pulau Menjangan street no. 18, Denpasar
(e) Transporting L-300 to Bali by AMROZI, IDRIS, DUL MATIN, ALI IMRON andMUBAROK.
(f) Purchasing Yamaha Force 1 motor cycle, registration number CK 5228 PE and DK 5416 KJ as local transportation.
(g) Hiring a car by MASYKUR for observing the target by IMAM SAMUDRA and friends.
(h) MUKHLAS came to Ball to monitor and check the preparation.
(i) Setting the safety means on Yamaha Force 1 DK 5228 PE.
(j) Elaboration how to trigger suicide bomb (vest and car bomb) to IQBAL and JIM.

3. Execution Stage

(a) ALI IMRON placed a boxed-shape bomb on the sidewalk of Raya Puputan street, Renon - Denpasar, at 21.00 WITA. rode a Yamaha Force 1DK 5228 PE.
(b) At 22.00 WITA, ALI IMRON drove the L-300 to the three junction of Legian street, Kuta. then replaced by JIM (Under assessment).
(c) At 23.08 WITA, IDRIS operated his cellular phone twice, then en explosion occurred in Renon followed by another big blasting sound in Legian street, Kuta.
(d) IQBAL committed a suicide bomt/bv wearing a vest bomb and JIM drove the L-300 which was later parked and blasted in front of Sari Club.

4. Escape Stage

(a) Prior to the blasting, some of the suspects had left Bali returning to their own places in the attempt of escaping. Those who still remain in Bali: IMAM SAMUDRA, ALI IMRON, IDRIS, IQBAL and JIM.
(b) IMAM SAMUDRA, ALI IMRON and [DRIS left Bali on 13 October 2002.

■■ Association of the Bali Bomb perpetrators to Jama'ah lslamiyyah

Refer to the testimony of suspects (national and international) and existed evidences, such as a number of documents, maps, and firearms display, then associate with intelligence information from the SNP, PDRM and PNP, it has been recognized that there is relation between the Bali Blast perpetrators and the Jama'ah Islamiyyah network. It could be explained, as below:

●1.HAMBALI, Allegedly as the Regional Shura or Chief of Regional Advisory Council Jama'ah Islamiyyah. (the money which received by MUKHLAS came from him)
●2.MUKHLAS a.k.a. ALI GUFRON, as Qoid Mantiqi Ulla Jama'ah islamiyah covered Malaysia and Singapore as well as responsible for the program Islamic Military Academy Al-Jamaah Al- Islamiyyah, semester II.
●3.ZULKARNAIN, as a Head of Askary HQ (Panglima Askary Pusal) Jama'ah lslamiyyah, and allegedly involve in Bali Blast.
●4.ZULKIFLI MARZUKI, on mid February 2002 attended the meeting in Bangkok to discuss the bombing project in Singapore and Indonesia, also attended by HAMBALI, MUKHLAS, DR. AZAHARI, NOORDIN MOCH. TOP, WAN MIN bin WAN MAT. ZULKIFLI MARZUKI is the secretary of Manthiqi Ulla Jemaah Istamiyah.
●5.WAN MIN bin WAN MAT, attended the meeting in Bangkok on mid February 2002, he was assigned by HAMBALI to distribute US $35.500 to MUKHLAS. He is as Qoid Wakalah Johor (Wakalah Usman Affan) Jemaah Islamiyah.
●6.NOORDIN MOCH TOP, attended the meeting in Bangkok in mid February 2002, he was assigned by HAMBALI to plan Indonesia bombing. He and DR. AZAHARI met MUKHLAS in Lamongan and Solo to discuss the plan of Bali bombing.
●7.DR. AZAHARI, attended the meeting in Bangkok in mid February 2002, he was assigned by HAMBALI to arrange the project and execute the bombing project in Singapore. He is a member of Jemaah Isiamiyah Manthiqi Ulla and also bomb expert.

Some of the Bali bomb perpetrators are former voluntaries who have experience in Afghanistan, likely MUKHLAS, IMAM SAMUDRA, and ALI IMRON and others have experiences in religious-nuance horizontal conflicts in Ambon and Poso, such as ALI IMRON, suicide bomber group.

The documents found at SAAD's house, consist of the guidebook of Al-Jama'ah Al-Islamiyyah mentions: the name of the group "AI-Jama'ah A-Islamiyyah", the purpose of struggle is to establish Daulah Islamiyyah and Khilafah, enforcing Dien/religious: The operations were conducted through intelligence operation, establishing manpower, mobilize manpower and combat.

AI-Jama'ah Al-lslamiyyah led by a person who called Amir. He is assisted by

・ Majelis Qiyadah (MQ), devided into MQ Markaziyah, Manthiqiyah, and Wakalah.
・ Majelis Syuro.
・ Majelis Fatwa, and
・ Majelis Hisbah.

Organizational structure ofAI-Jama'ah Al-lslamiyyah:

・Headquarters called Markaz.
・Markaz supervises 4 (four) Manthiqis.
・Every Manthiqi supervises a number of Wakalahs.
・Each Wakalah supervises a number of Khatibah.
・Under each Khatibah lies several Qirdas, and
・Every Qirdas supervises a number of Fi'ah or Cell, furthermore
・Every Fi'ah has a number of Jama'ah congregation.

An annual report of the military training program (Islamic Military Academy AI-Jama'ah Al- Islamiyyah) was discovered regarding: inventory on firearms and ammunitions, shooting skills of participants, list of training participants and the grades of the participants. Along with that, some manuals on the assembling of various bombs and toxic were discovered.

Some audio-visuals were also found among others; interview USAMA BIN LADIN; Crusade War: Wasiat Syuhada New York and Washington (Testament of the New York and Washington Martyrs); riots in Poso and Ambon: and the

approval of ABU BAKAR BA'ASYIR regarding the Jihad implementation in Ambon.

■■ Cooperation with Foreign Police

It needs a mutual cooperation among others (INP and Foreign Police Agencies) which involved various experts in crime scene processing, telecommunication, chemistry, bomb analysis, ballistic, money laundering, computer and dactiloscopy.

The cooperation is not only in personnel matters but also in technology with sophisticated devices likely computers assessment and Cellular Mobile Detector and telecommunication intercept.

The system of investigation has being done based on forensic science (Scientific Forensic investigation) supported by highly performance (professional) in line with the prevailing rules and regulation.

The operational is coordinated by the INP although many assistance have been provided by Foreign Polices whose performance are bound in a memorandum of understanding between the Indonesia Government represented by the Chief of INP (Kapolri) and the Australia Government represented by the Chief of AFP (Australian Federal Police) based upon Article 43 PERPU R No 1/2002 referring to the United Nations Resolution on against Terrorism.

PERPU RI enable the INP to perform investigation optimally because the existed rules is ineffective to further investigation, particularly in arresting and detaining suspects of the Bali bombing perpetrators.

■■ Various Obstacles

Some obstacles have been encountered during the investigation due to the absence of a regulation refer to the involvement of foreign agencies. Firstly, the interpretation of PERPU RI, different perceptions remain within the INF and also among Criminal Justice System; Secondly, the tendency of the local police willing to gel involved with the Investigation Team, but in turn, obstruct the arresting process especially when they take the Mass Media with them, Thirdly, although it has been appointed a spokesperson within the investigation team, some police officers have the tendency to provide information to the mass media anonymously: Fourthly, although the cooperation with foreign agencies has been very beneficial, it has been interpreted as a form of intervention by Foreign Governments towards the sovereignty of Republic of Indonesia, particularly by some observers and politicians.

■■ Closing

Some points can be learned from the Bali bomb blast:

1. Terrorism has entered the 'borderless' era that prioritizes on an exclusive group interest by sacrificing humanitarian values.
2. Terrorism was conducted by people who believe in the righteousness of their group to be conducted in a wide range of networking. Therefore, reeducation is required to restore the perpetrators ration thinking.
3. To counter terrorist activities, a mutual cooperation to be need particularly among countries, otherwise they will become the target transnational terrorist activities.
4. The uncovering of the terrorism has to start from the attitude of investigators and experts of being obedient and discipline in following procedures in accordance to the Police Force professionalism supported by high-tech equipment and sufficient fund.
5. Counteracts on terrorist activities can not be resolved only by la enforcement based on Rules of Regulation No. l and No.2 / 200 since the terrorist network is very widespread, crossing over state borders and being militant in character An anti-terrorism law the should involve many parties is required, especially in reeducating terrorist members in order to re-normalize their ideology.

translated by Robert S. Finnegan, January 2003


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