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女ガンマン いや失礼! ライフル・ウーマン その伝統有り。
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Annie Oakley

NAME: Phoebe Ann Oakley Mozee. She was named Phoebe Ann by her mother, but called Annie by her sisters. Annie promoted the Mozee spelling of the family name. While it has been variously recorded as Mauzy and Moses, Mosey is the version most commonly found in family sources. She took the stage name Oakley, reportedly after Oakley, Ohio.
名前:フェーベアンオークレーMozee。 彼女は彼女の母のフェーベアンという名前だったが、彼女の姉妹のアニーと呼ばれました。アニーは、姓のMozeeつづり方を進めました。それがMauzyとモーゼとしてさまざまに記録される間、Moseyは家族の源で見つかって最も一般にバージョンです。伝えられるところではオークレー(オハイオ)の後、彼女は芸名にオークレーを持っていきました。

BIRTH DATE: Aug. 13, 1860.

BIRTHPLACE: Patterson Township, Darke County, Ohio.
出身地:パターソン居住区、 ダーク郡、オハイオ。

EDUCATION: Annie did not attend school.

FAMILY BACKGROUND: Quaker parents Jacob and Susan were originally from Pennsylvania. After a tavern fire ended their livelihood as innkeepers, they moved to a rented farm in Ohio. Father, who had fought in the War of 1812, died in 1866 from pneumonia and overexposure in freezing weather. Annie was the fifth of seven children. Her mother remarried, had another child and was widowed a second time. During this time Annie was put in the care of the superintendent of the county poor farm, where she learned to embroider and sew. She spent some time in near servitude for a local family where she met with mental and physical abuse. When she reunited with her family, her mother had married a third time.

DESCRIPTION OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Whether it be a pistol, rifle, or shotgun, the legendary markswoman Annie Oakley was masterful with them all. Dubbed "Little Sure Shot" by Chief Sitting Bull (she was 5 feet tall), her sharp shooting in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show won her many awards and captivated audiences far and wide. Her name remains synonymous with firearms and entertainment.
成果の説明:それが、ピストル、ライフルまたはショットガンであるどうか、伝説的な射撃の名手アニーオークレーは、彼ら全員と堂に入っていました。シッティングブルチーフ(彼女は、5フィート背が高かったです)による「ほとんどSure Shotでない」と呼ばれて、バッファロービルの西部地方ショーの彼女の急激な銃撃は、彼女の多くの賞を獲得して、遠く、そして、広く、観衆を魅了しました。彼女の名前は、銃とエンターテイメントと同義のままです。

Born in a log cabin on the Ohio frontier, Annie Oakley began shooting game at age nine to support her widowed mother and siblings. She quickly proved to be a dead shot and word spread so much that at age sixteen, Annie went to Cincinnati to enter a shooting contest with Frank E. Butler (1850-1926), an accomplished marksman who performed in vaudeville. Annie won the match by one point and she won Frank Butler's heart as well. Some time later they were married and she became his assistant in his traveling shooting act. Frank recognized that Annie was far more talented and relinquished the limelight to her, becoming her assistant and personal manager. In 1885 they joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, run by the legendary frontiersman and showman Buffalo Bill Cody.

For seventeen years Annie Oakley was the Wild West Show's star attraction with her marvelous shooting feats. At 90 feet Annie could shoot a dime tossed in midair. In one day with a .22 rifle she shot 4,472 of 5,000 glass balls tossed in midair. With the thin edge of a playing card facing her at 90 feet, Annie could hit the card and puncture it with with five or six more shots as it settled to the ground. It was from this that free tickets with holes punched in them came to be called "Annie Oakleys." Shooting the ashes off a cigarette held in Frank's mouth was part of the Butler and Oakley act. In a celebrated event while touring in Europe, Wilhelm, Crown Prince of Germany, invited Annie to shoot a cigarette held in his own lips. Annie had Wilhelm hold the cigarette in his hand and not his mouth; she accomplished this challenge, as always effortlessly. In this period Annie Oakley was easily recognizable by the numerous shooting medals that adorned her chest.
17 年の間、アニーオークレーは彼女の素晴らしい銃撃妙技に対する西部地方ショーの星の引きつける力でした。90フィートで、アニーは空中に投げて決められるダイムを撃つことができました。.22丁のライフルによる1日で、彼女は空中にトスされる5,000のガラスのボールのうちの4,472を撃ちました。 90フィートで彼女と向き合っているカードの細い端で、それが地面に取りかかったので、アニーはカードを打つことができて、5またはもう6ショットででそれに穴をあけることができました。彼らにあけられる穴による無料チケットが「フリーパスと呼ばれているようになったのは、これからでした。」、タバコを離れた灰がフランクの口にくわえたShootingは、バトラーとオークレー行為のパートでした。ヨーロッパを周遊している間、有名なイベントでは、ウィルヘルム(ドイツの皇太子)は彼自身の唇にくわえられるタバコを撃とうとアニーを誘いました。アニーは、ウィルヘルムにタバコを彼の手と彼の口にでなくくわえさせました;いつものようにたやすく、彼女はこの挑戦を達成しました。この期間には、アニーオークレーは彼女の胸を飾った多数の銃撃勲章で、簡単に判別可能でした。

In a train wreck in 1901, Annie suffered a spinal injury that required five operations and even left her partially paralyzed for a while. Although she recovered very well, Annie toured less frequently during the latter part of her career. Nonetheless, her shooting expertise did not wane and she continued to set records. In a shooting contest in Pinehurst, N.C. in 1922, sixty-two-year-old Annie hit 100 clay targets straight from the 16 yard mark.
1901 年の電車事故では、アニーは5つの活動を必要とした脊髄怪我を負って、部分的に彼女をしばらく麻痺しているままにしておきさえしました。彼女が非常によく回復したが、アニーは彼女の経歴の後半の間、よりしばしば旅行しませんでした。それにもかかわらず、彼女の銃撃専門技術は衰えませんでした、そして、彼女は記録を作り続けました。Pinehurstの射撃競技では、1922、62才のアニーのN.C.は、16ヤードのマークからまっすぐに、100の粘土ターゲットを攻撃しました。

Annie Oakley died of pernicious anemia on Nov. 3, 1926, in Greenville, Ohio, at the age of sixty-six. A legend in her own time, the remarkable life of Annie Oakley would be celebrated in the 1946 Herbert and Dorothy Fields musical Annie Get Your Gun.
グリーンヴィルで、アニーオークレーは1926年11月3日に悪性貧血で死にました オハイオ(66才の)。彼女自身の時間の伝説、アニーオークレーの注目に値する命は、1946人のハーバートとドロシーフィールズミュージカルアニーよ銃をとれで祝福されます。

In her life, Annie overcame poverty, mistreatment and physical injury with her determination and strength of character. She played a role in breaking barriers for women with her talent and accomplishments in her sport. She showed great compassion and generosity to orphans, widows and other young women.

DATE OF DEATH: Nov. 3, 1926, age 66.

PLACE OF DEATH: Greenville, Ohio.
死のプレイス:グリーンヴィル、 オハイオ。


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Dorchester County Public Library: Annie Oakley (Annie Oakley House)
ドーチェスター 郡公立図書館:アニーオークレー(アニーオークレーハウス)
The Annie Oakley Days Festival
アニーオークレー日 フェスティバル
PBS American Experience: Annie Oakley
For further research, contact: The Annie Oakley Foundation, P.O. Box 127, Greenville, Ohio 45331, telephone (937) 547-3966.

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