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EM兵器についての講演 (Real Player 54分40秒)


Many other Soviet scalar EM testing incidents are documented in Bearden, Fer-de-Lance.
1986, and in AIDS:Biological Warfare.
1988. Repeated presentations on the Soviet scalar EM weapons and their testing have been
given at national symposia since 1978.
The exact mechanisms utilized by these superweapons have also been given.
A complete and consistent series of many anomalous events exists over the years,
showing the continuing development, testing, and deployment of massive scalar EM weapons
by the Soviet Union.

Actual use of the weapons to create a giant interference grid over the U.S. and severely
affect world weather is documented in a videotape, Bearden, Soviet Weather Engineering Over North America, 1985.
This videotape also includes several other major accidents, and also U.S. weather satellite
photographs of anomalous exhausts from the Soviet Union's Bennett Island.
** The exhausts are often in jets 150 miles long and nearly horizontal (about a degree and a half
in elevation).
They have been photographed coming from Bennett Island and the sea nearby, since 1974.




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