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投稿者 明星 日時 1999 年 11 月 16 日 11:52:17:

回答先: 週刊ポストがおわび掲載 投稿者 倉田佳典 日時 1999 年 11 月 15 日 17:53:37:


We would like to inform the readers of THE SHUKAN POST that
the article carried in our October 15 issue linking the
to a Jewish plot portrays racial stereotypes that are untrue,
misleading, dangerous and an insult to members of the Jewish
religion and supporters of human rights throughout the world.
The editorial department has examined the content of the
article, the ramification of its summary being distributed
over the Internet as well as wide exposure of its title to many
readers through advertisements, and came to the following
recognition: First and foremost, the stereotypic and
groundless phrase "Jewish capital" and the reference to vice
president Al Gore and US Ambassador Tom Foley have no basis
in truth whatsoever. In supplanting the facts with falsehoods,
the characterization of Jews and American leaders was
intended to incite fear and loathing in our readers and are
examples of hate speech. Secondly, when we look at the
composition of the piece, we note that the underlying tone of
the article incited anti-American sentiments in the minds of
the Japanese readers and the title, subtitles and portion of the
article added an antisemitic tone. As far as the latter is
concerned, by inciting an age old canard of the Jewish
conspiracy, we have not only hurt the feelings of the Jewish
people but we have possibly put their safety at risk
throughout the world due to the dissemination of the article's
summary over the Internet. We feel we must deeply reflect
the fact that we lacked the awareness as one of the leading
magazines in Japan, an economic power, as to how we might
affect international communities. We wish to thank the Simon
Wiesenthal Center and the Jewish community of Japan for
calling to our attention this terrible wrong. Based on the above
recognition, we retract the article and extend our sincere
apologies to our readers, to the Jewish people, and their
organizations around the world and to all who cherish truth
and human rights.



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