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投稿者 2012 日時 2012 年 1 月 25 日 10:02:14: oRUoduzfTINKk

(回答先: メガ・アップロード・コムがUS政府によりシャット・ダウンされた 投稿者 2012 日時 2012 年 1 月 23 日 12:33:16)



 その法案とは、議会で審議されてきた「Stop Online Piracy Act(SOPA:オンライン海賊行為防止法案)」「Protect Intellectual Property Act(PIPA:IP保護法案)」のこと。法廷の審議なしに、いきなり問題とされるサイトへのアクセスをブロック、資金カット、リンクを張ったサイトもリンクの削除や閉鎖を強制される可能性があるため、ネットの自由やイノベーションを破壊するものとして、反対の声が急速に高まっていた。

 先週の18日(水)にWikipediaなどが決行した“ブラックアウト”や、多数のサイトが打ち出した抗議メッセージにより、社会的に大きな関心を引いたこの問題。騒動の大きさを見た支持派の議員たちは、その多くが支持を取り下げるか不支持に回り、あいまいな態度だった議員もはっきり不支持を表明するようになった。ニュースサイト“Rock, Paper, Shotgun”によれば「賛成80/反対31」の勢力バランスが18日を境に、「賛成65/反対101」と大きく逆転したという。

 こうした動きを受けて、米国議会はついにSOPA/PIPAの審議を延期することを決定。時をほぼ同じくして、法案を支持していたゲーム業界団体ESA も「意図しない結果が法案から生まれる懸念」を踏まえ、「技術革新とコンテンツ保護のバランスがとれた解決」に取り組んでいくと、“一時撤退”ともとれる声明を出している。






[HOT] Websites affected by SOPA & PIPA aftermath

Here is a list:

* Megaupload - Closed, domain ceased by FBI Jan 19, 2012
* Fileserve - Account deletion and affiliation program terminating Jan 20, 2012
* File Jungle - (Owned by Fileserve) Deleting multiple files. Testing out blocking some USA IP addresses. Jan 21, 2012
* Upload Station - (Owned by Fileserve) Deleting multiple files. Testing out blocking some USA IP addresses. Jan 21, 2012
* VideoBB - Closed affiliate program Jan 21, 2012
* 4shared Deleting files left and right Jan 21, 2012
* VideoZer - closed and locked in the countries affiliated with the USA Jan 21, 2012
* Uploaded - Banned U.S. and the FBI went after the owners who are gone. Blocked in the USA Jan 22, 2012
* Filesonic - No Filesharing, the news is arbitrary (under FBI investigation, strictly private for the time being Jan 22, 2012
* Filepost - Started suspending accounts with infringing material Jan 22, 2012
* Videobb - Closed affiliate program. Jan 22, 2012
* Wupload Many accounts disabled.


01. 2012年1月25日 12:05:34 : HaeUqy1vAo

02. 2012年1月25日 22:24:24 : HaeUqy1vAo
SOPA, PIPA, and now OPEN
While grassroots public objection was enough to send the House's Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and its sister legislation in the Senate, the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) back to the rewrite drawing board (they'll both reappear for later Congressional vote)...

...Republican House of Representative Darrell Issa of California, along with 24 co-sponsors, introduced an alternative last Wednesday during the Internet's blackout of SOPA/PIPA; it's titled, Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade, it's nick'd OPEN, and it's House Resolution 3782.

PCWorld says this about the resolution:

OPEN would give oversight to the International Trade Commission (ITC) instead of the Justice Department, focuses on foreign-based websites, includes an appeals process, and would apply only to websites that “willfully” promote copyright violation.


...Heather Callaghan @ Activist Post adds this:

The bill pretends to only target foreign websites, while keeping Americans free to surf and post, but the bill’s wording is wide open to pursue American sites. Just one example: when describing an infringing site, it starts with those “that are accessed through a non-domestic domain name,” but continues in section (8)(A)(ii) for any site that “conducts business directed to residents of the United States.”

You can read more from one of the early ringers of the OPEN warning bell @



The big problem with SOPA was the proponents said it only targeted foreign sites that were "wholesale" devoted to piracy. It didn't. It also targeted foreign and domestic sites that linked to them. And nullified the "safe harbor" rule that kept user generated sites from being fully resposible for every user's actions. So that if I write a link to "illegalpiratesite.ru" here, the DOJ could shut down Literotica and/or it's funding.

The other big problem was that it gave the DOJ the right to shut down or cut financial services to a site pending investigation. With no way of getting compensated for loss of business, goodwill (for an online startup, momentum can mean the difference between bankrupcy and millions in profit) etc, if it turned out you were innocent. Not even by lawsuit.

From what I've read, those were the specifics that Issa and some others were against in SOPA. The questions here seems to be

1) how well "willfully promote copyright violation" is specified. What is and what is not willful behavior? Is that left to the whim of some judge of pencil pusher?
2) how does this law's version of due process look? And how are the rights of an accused/suspected part adressed?

If those things are sufficiently adressed, I don't see the problem. Not that I think they are. But hey.

03. 2012年1月25日 22:35:58 : HaeUqy1vAo




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