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東京でも高放射性粒子の計測確認! 吸引して発癌率上昇! カルトフェン教授報告書:ガンダーセン解説10/31 

Scientist Marco Kaltofen Presents Data Confirming Hot Particles ←元動画フェアウィンズ・リンク

*マルコ・カルトフェン氏:放射線化学とモニタリングの専門家で、マサチューセッツ, WorcesterのWorcester Polytechnic Institute大学(http://www.wpi.edu/)の客員教授。以下カルトフェン教授と表記。 

*関連動画:福島原発微量放射線長期体内被曝で細胞異常!5/2カルトフェン教授(字幕): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJvgO1fTokw

<日本語訳:Akiko, Yoshi, Junebloke(再構成と訳修正) > *ガンダーセン氏とフェアウィンズの依頼により共同で無償翻訳しております!   

Hi, I'm Arnie Gundersen from Fairewinds.

It is October 31st, 2011. This is a video that contains scientific information that we have been wanting to share with you for a long time. Today, in Washington D.C. at 8:30 in the morning, scientist Marco Kaltofen gave a presentation to some doctors who are part of the American Public Health Association. The paper is now on our website, next to this video.

こんにちは、フェアウィンズのアーニー・ガンダ-センです。今日は2011年10月31日です。今回 のビデオは、今まで皆さんにお伝えしたいとずっと思っていた科学的データを含んでいます。今日、首都ワシントンの朝8時半に、科学者のマルコ・カルトフェ ン教授が、全米公衆衛生協会の会員の医師たちに報告をされました。その報告書をフェアウィンズのサイトに載せました。この動画の横にあります。

To summarize the paper, citizens, some doctors and scientists, some bloggers, some farmers, around the world provided samples to Mr. Kaltofen who analyzed them for Fukushima radiation. An example of what he found is a slide that contains air filters from cars in Japan and in the United States. Cars in the United States hardly have any radiation in their air filters. Cars in Tokyo had quite a lot, way too much. Cars in Fukushima Prefecture were incredibly radioactive.

その原稿を要約しま すと、世界中の市民の皆さん、医師、科学者、ブロガ−、農業従事者が、カルトフェン教授にサンプルを送り、同教授がフクシマの放射能を分析したものです。 カルトフェン教授が見つけたものの中には、たとえば日本と米国の車に装着してあるエアフィルターの付着物です。米国の車のエアフィルターには、放射性物質 はほとんど発見されませんが、東京の車のエアフィルターにはかなりの量が見つかっています。福島県の車に至っては、信じられないくらいの放射性物質があり ました。

Now I think it is important because the nuclear industry will say, well everything is radioactive and therefore we should not worry. Well, the Seattle data shows that not everything is radioactive. And it shows that the people in Japan received enormous exposures of particles into their lungs and into their digestive systems, during the course of the accident.



Another piece of information is that Fairewinds viewers were able to send in children's shoes from Japan. Mr. Kaltofen has data that clearly show that the concentration of cesium on the kid's shoelaces was astronomically high, around 80 disintegrations per second. What does that mean? Kids tie their shoes, their hands get radioactive and it goes into their G.I. tract. If it is on the ground, it is in the dust in the playground and it is in their lungs. I think that between the two, the air filters and the children's shoes, it shows that there is a severe personal health problem in Japan that will manifest itself in cancers over the next 10 or 20 years.


こ れは一体何を意味するのかというと、子供たちが靴ひもを結ぶとき、手に放射性物質が付着し、消化管から吸引されてしまうという事です。地面に放射性物質が あれば、遊び場の土埃から子供たちの肺に吸い込まれてしまいます。エアフィルターと子供の靴ひもの二つの事柄は、十年後、二十年後に癌に変異するような重 篤な健康被害が、日本で起こるであろう事を明示しています。

Now Mr. Kaltofen did not just look at Japan. He set up monitoring stations in the United States as well. Two of the three monitoring stations in the United States did show hot particles in the air in April. Since then, there have not been any hot particles. But in April, it is clear that, at the worst of the accident, hot particles were wafted across the Pacific and deposited in Seattle and in Boston at least. There is also data that indicates contamination on the ground in the Cascades, which are a mountain range right up against the Pacific Ocean.



So I think we have two problems here. In Japan, there is a personal health issue and what that means is that individuals have received enough radiation that there is going to be a statistically meaningful increase in cancers in Tokyo [east Japan] and especially in Fukushima Prefecture.



In the United States, it is a different story. It is a public health issue and not a personal health issue. What that means is that we will never know who is the individual who got cancer from Fukushima. But we can be sure that the radiation did reach here and that there will be an increase in cancers, especially on the West Coast where the Rocky Mountains stopped most of the radiation and deposited it on the ground.

アメリカでは、話が違ってきます。それは公共の健康問題で、個人的な問題ではありません。何を意味するかと言うと、私たちは、誰がフクシマの影 響で癌になったかを決して特定できないであろうという事です。しかし、放射能は間違いなくアメリカ大陸まで来ており、ロッキー山脈が壁になりほとんどの放 射性物質が土壌に堆積した特に西海岸で、癌が増加するであろうことは確かです。

So, this paper was given to the American Public Health Association. And here it is a public health issue. We cannot run [run away] and we cannot hide. But the radiation is up and down the West Coast [falls all over the West Coast] and then also scattered about the rest of the United States.


In Japan, it is a different story. They need to aggressively go after the contamination that has been discovered. It is so obvious on these air filters and on children's shoes. It takes a concerted national effort, not a haphazard effort of chasing hot spots, in order to reduce the amount of radioactivity that is on the soil and in the air in Japan right now.



And the last thing the paper shows is that it is wrong to have a 10 mile evacuation planning zone. Clearly, the damage can extend out as far as Tokyo. We need to look at [review] emergency planning and evacuations well beyond the 10 miles that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission uses here and the 12 miles that the Japanese used during the accident.

こ の報告書が示す最後の案件は、計画的避難区域を10マイル(16km)とするのが間違いであるという事です。明らかに、被害は東京まで広がっています。私 たちは緊急時避難計画と退避について、原子力規制委員会NRCがアメリカで採用している10マイル(16km)、そしてフクシマ事故で日本が採用した12 マイル(20km)の距離を超える区域に、見直す必要があります。

You may recall that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said that Americans needed to evacuate 50 miles from Fukushima at the peak of the accident. Well, if it is good enough for Americans living in Japan, that same criteria should be good enough for Americans living in the United States.

フクシマ原発事故が最頂点であった時、原子力規制委 員会NRCが【米国人はフクシマ原発から50マイル(80km)圏外への避難が必要です。】と表明したことを皆さんは思い出されるでしょう。ええ、もし、 これが在日米国人に必要であるならば、同じ基準が米国に住む米国人にも必要なはずです。

The data in Mr. Kaltofen's paper came from citizens. It came from farmers. It came from scientists. It came from bloggers. It was an effort by individuals and not government. I think if we had relied on the government to get us this information, we never would have gotten it.

So it is an important achievement for all of us, to recognize that together, using the internet, we can all provide information for scientists to use, to come to rational decisions on public policy.



This November we are asking for your support so we can continue our scientific analysis and these educational videos. There is a donate button on the Fairewinds site and we would appreciate it if you considered a financial contribution.



Thank you very much. We will keep you informed.





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