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福島農民:原子力は最も恐ろしい 未来の世代に送ることは信じられない 私はモルモットになりたくない(EN)
投稿者 ナルト大橋 日時 2014 年 3 月 05 日 23:18:50: YeIY2bStqQR0.


Fukushima Farmer: Nuclear is the most terrible thing, people don’t realize how horrible and scary it is — Sending this to future generations is unbelievable — “I don’t want to be their guinea pig” — Mayor evacuated his own kids while trying to get families to stay, this is a significant crime (AUDIO)

Published: March 4th, 2014 at 4:45 pm ET By ENENews
公開:2014年3月4日、午後4時45分ET ENENewsによる

NHK, Mar. 3, 2014 (emphasis added): Japan’s education ministry has revised its instructional booklets on radiation [...] The new booklets include maps [...] They also explain the impact of harmful rumors about the disaster on the farming and tourism industries [...] Education ministry officials say they hope the materials will provide accurate facts about Fukushima to help school children make the right decisions.
NHK、2014年3月3日(重要点追加) :日本の文部省は、放射能への教育用小冊子を改定しました[...]新しい小冊子は地図を含みます[...]彼らはまた、災害について、農業・観光業における風評被害の影響を説明した [...]文部(科学)省は、学校の子供達が正しい意思決定をする事を支援するために、(教育用)資料が福島に関する正確な事実を提供することを願っている、と言っている。

Interview with Kenichi Hasegawa, farmer from Iitate village, Fukushima Prefecture, Greenpeace Canada, Mar. 3, 2014 (at 4:15 in):
福島県飯舘村から、農家・長谷川健一のインタビュー、グリーンピース・カナダ、 2014年3月3日(午前4時15分):

They gathered residents in […] a very highly radioactive place. After these ‘radiation safe’ lectures, the mayor of Iitate Village came and directly thanked the lecturers in front of the village people. This kind of thing repeated again and again. [...] the mayor himself evacuated his own children to other areas. I think this is a significant crime. […] children can’t run away by themselves. And these lecturers reassured the parents to stay here, and so the children stayed too. So I think what the mayor did is a crime. […]
彼ら(当局)は住民を[...]放射線量の非常に高い場所に集めました。これらの「放射線安全」講義の後、飯舘村の村長が来て、村の人々の前で直接、講師に感謝した。この種のものは、何度も何度も繰り返した。 [...]村長自身は彼自身の子供を他の地域へ避難させた。私は、これは重大な犯罪だと思います。 [...]子供たちが独力で離れて逃げ出すことはできません。そして、これらの講師はここに滞在する両親を安心させ、そしてその子供たちも滞在した。だから私は村長がやったことは犯罪だと思います。 [...]

Mr. Yamashita he was really terrible, because he said what the government is saying is right, you have to believe them because you are the people — you are the nation. And also he said, “I’m a doctor and I’m a scientist and I have data backing me up. That’s why you need to believe […] The radiation, it likes negative people.”

“I don’t want to be their guinea pig,” that’s what I wrote and sent to [Yamashita]. What’s incredible to me, what’s making me very angry — according to some news article in Asahi recently — those people are now saying that iodine pills should have been taken at that time […] which is unforgivable.
「私は、彼(山下)らのモルモットになりたくない、」それが、私が[山下]に書いて送ったことだ。私には信じられないことであり、私を非常に怒らせたことである −最近、朝日新聞でいくつかのニュース記事によると−その時にヨウ素錠剤を摂取するべきであった、それらの人々は今言っている[... ]そのことは忘れることができない。

Nuclear is the most terrible thing. People just don’t realize it ,and now people are convinced — or the government is trying to convince people that cheap electricity means nuclear power generated electricity — but in reality from my point of view people need to understand how horrible it is, how scary it is and to send such a horrible and scary thing to the next generation, just for cheap electricity, that’s unbelievable, that shouldn’t happen.

[Note: If actual costs (spent fuel storage/disposal, reactor decommissioning, accident risk, employee and community health effects, etc.) are included "nuclear energy is the most expensive form of power generation" says former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.]

Full interview with Hasegawa here


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