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TV: Floods threaten Fukushima plant structures… “Nuclear nightmare territory then” — Expert: A lot of nuclear fuel has actually gone into ground, and “will come out at the surface” if groundwater rises — Radiation levels flowing into ocean much higher than usual (VIDEO)
テレビ:洪水が福島原発の構造を脅かす...「その後、核悪夢の国土(領土)」 - 専門家(バスビー):核燃料の多くは、実際には地中に行きました、そしてもし地下水が上昇すれば「地表面に出てくるだろう」 - 通常よりも遥かに高い放射能レベルが海に流れ込む(動画)

Published: September 12th, 2015 at 6:50 pm ET By ENENews
公開:2015年9月12日、18:50 ET ENENewsによる

RT, Sept 10, 2015 (emphasis added): ‘Floods may pose threat not only to radiation under Fukushima but also structures’ — Severe floods have hit Japan sending tons of radiation-contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean. That has been confirmed by the facility’s operator Tokyo Electric Power. Authorities have declared the situation an emergency… Christopher Busby, who’s the Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risks, says that there could be serious radiation-related consequences if the situation is not handled properly.
ロシア・トゥデイRT 2015年9月10日(強調は記者):「洪水は福島地下の放射能にだけでなく、構造にも脅威を与える」 - 重度の洪水が日本を直撃し、福島原子力発電所からの放射能に汚染された何トンもの水を海に送っている。その事は施設のオペレータ東京電力により確認されています。当局は緊急事態を宣言しています...放射能リスクに関する欧州委員会の科学事務局長のクリストファー・バズビーは、もし状況が適切に処理されていなければ、深刻な放射能に関連する影響があるかもしれません、と言っています。

Chris Busby, Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risks: “There’s an enormous amount of radioactivity underneath the plant, the reactors are holed, and a lot of the fuel is actually in the ground. And that’s mixing with the groundwater. Well, normally what they do is they pump away, because the ground water becomes heavily contaminated, and they pump that into those big tanks. But of course if the ground water rises as a result of this rain, then that stuff will come out at the surface of the ground.

And the second problem of course is that may affect the integrity of the structures the actual building structures of the four reactors and then, of course, you’re into really serious, serious nuclear nightmare territory then. It surprises me that they haven’t got enough pumps to deal with this situation. It is not a situation that’s impossible to predict. I mean all along the line we’re being told that TEPCO couldn’t possibly have predicted this, and couldn’t possibly have predicted that. Well the answer is they should have.”

Asahi, Sep 12, 2015: Bags of tainted waste swept into Fukushima river during torrential rain — Seven sites for radioactive waste generated from the Fukushima nuclear crisis were submerged during torrential rain… raising fears over a possible radiation spill into the environment… At the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, heavy rain caused radiation-tainted rainwater to spill into the ocean outside the plant’s harbor… Floodgates normally block tainted water from reaching the ocean from drainage ditches, but the torrential rains overwhelmed the gates twice in the pre-dawn hours of Sept. 9 and Sept. 11, the plant operator said.
朝日新聞英語版、2015年9月12日:汚染された廃棄物バッグが豪雨時に福島の川に押し流された - 福島核危機から発生する放射性廃棄物のための7つのサイトは豪雨の際に水浸しになりました...環境へ放射能が流出した可能性の懸念が高まります...福島第1原子力発電所で、大雨は放射能に汚染された雨水が原発の港湾外の海にこぼれ出る原因となりました...水門は通常、汚染水が排水溝から海に達するのをブロックします、しかし集中豪雨は、9月9日と9月11日の夜明け前の時間に、二回水門を圧倒しました、と原発オペレータは述べています。

Utility officials said rainfall increases the radioactive level of the water in the drainage system as rainwater accumulates radioactive materials in surrounding soil when it flows in the ditches. While the drainage water usually contains less than 100 becquerels of beta-ray-emitting radioactive substances per liter, the water measured 750 becquerels per liter on Sept. 11, TEPCO officials said.

NHK, Sep. 11, 2015: Rainwater overflows from Fukushima plant … [TEPCO] said on Friday that it confirmed the leaks through video footage of the complex. The operator said the leaks occurred at 3 AM, 5:20 AM and 6 AM on Friday — for a total of more than 2 and a half hours. TEPCO is now checking the radioactive levels of rainwater samples taken from the channel…
NHKワールド、2015年9月11日:福島原発から雨水がオーバーフローしました...[東京電力]は金曜日に、複合されたビデオ映像を通じて漏れを確認しました。オペレータは、リークが金曜日の午前3時、午前5時20分、そして午前6時に発生した、と言いました -合計2時間半以上です。東京電力は、現在排水路から採取した雨水サンプルの放射能レベルをチェックしています...

Watch Busby’s broadcast interview here


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